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No matter who or where we are in malaysia, we come in contact with global multinational corporations everyday in our lives. How we interact with these giant companies and how they respond to us is always a very interesting subject to me. Some companies have a proper customer service department tracking all customer queries and complaints as valuable inputs with a systematic approach and timeline to respond to them. There are also others who really couldnt give a hoot. This Blog is to just highlight some of the practices, whether good or bad and also to give everyone a chance to voice out their experiences too.

One of the encounter that i want to share with everyone is Baskin Robbins. Few months back i bought some ice cream at the 1 utama counter and as i was accepting my change, i notice that they put up a mini sign next to the teller.

Baskin Robbins outlet in 1U

Baskin Robbins outlet in 1U

The sign says ” if you do not get receipt, please call  03-2288 8831′, which so happens that cashier forgot to give me! Curios as to what will happened, i call the number the next day….

The mini sign next to the cashier

The mini sign next to the cashier

Call attempt # 1 : I called and the receptionist is dumbfounded as to the reason i call and she cant pinpoint who to pass my call to. I was passed around several times and the call got drop

Call attempt #2 : I called again and told the receptionist to take my contact instead. I told her just leave a note to whoever and whats the reason im calling

Few hours passed and finally someone from baskin robbins marketing dept called me back…

BR Lady : Yes, Sir i understand you left a message for me?

Me: Yes, im calling in regards to your 1 utama outlet, they didnt or they forgot to issue me a receipt as i saw the notice on the cashier, it says to call if we didnt get a receipt.

BR Lady: Oh….. i see.In that case, Thank you. Will there be anything else?

ME: er…is that it?

BR Lady : Yes? will there be anything else?

Me:in that case, no.

BR Lady: Thank you *She hung up*

I was really dumbfounded with the whole conversation with the marketing lady from baskin robbins. I wasnt expecting a free bucket of ice cream as i was just curious to see what will happen when customers actually calls the number. Still, it would at least be nice for them to at least explain why they wanted customers to call them, be apologetic and actually make the customer feel appreciated for taking the time & $$$ to call them!

So what do you guys think? let me hear your thoughts on this!


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  1. Dear sir I want to work in your company .I have been pass interview in my country .My country is Myanmar.My name is Mr.Kyaw Kyaw Aung.
    I have been apply in your company.

    with much thanks

  2. Dear sir,
    this is a personal blog. I do not plan to hire anyone to write nor do i make any money out of it.
    This blog do not belong to Baskin Robbins. Please contact baskin robbins directly for all employment or career offers.

  3. Dear sir

    Can you help me how to apply baskin robbins Ice Cream shop please.I hope you can do it.

  4. On 31 july 2010 i went to Baskin Robbins outlet in Jusco Melaka to buy ice cream Becuase is on 31st so, Baskin Robbins has 31% disconut. I buy a pint and a quart ice cream. One of the new workers forgot to weigth the ice cream and only give me 550g for the quart. I went back to ask her to add for me. She admit she forgot to weight for me . One of the workers name Muhammad Zulhairi B. Salleh used very ironic way to ask that i try to cheat for extra ice cream. I try to explaint to him, he score me in the public for 3 minutes and shout at me “babi, jangan cari pasal di sini, berhati-hati kau lalu sini”. Very Disappointing the manager name Abu Bakal Matzin didn’t stop immediatelly until Muhammad come toward me only he go to stop him. He totally act like a gangster. This worst experience i never had in my life. I disappointing the quality of the workers of Baskin Robbins treat thier customer.

    • Wow. if this is true, you should REPORT police for criminal intimidation! please go and report to the nearest police station now.
      also, report to the shopping mall management !

  5. I went to USJ10 branch on Wednesday (1-9-2010), I brought my daughter’s cover with pink colour and wanted to buy 10 junior double scoop (take away), the branch manager (malay lady) told me that with 1 pink item, you can only buy one junior double scoop, others you have to pay standard price. I just want to know is it true ?

    2. The branch manager even said if you cant pay the standard price, better don’t eat ice-cream from here, is that attitude the branch manager treated customer ?

    3. A lot of my friend complaint this manager, she always present sour face to customer. I think better fire her.


    frm David

  6. how can i apply for outlet opening or dealership at melaka ? my dream outlet will be somewhere near jonker street or same row as new hard rock cafe melaka. pls contact me at Lim Boon Kheng.

  7. LoLs. Better modify the layout of this blog, else random strangers will keep asking you for a job at baskin robbins / complain at the lousy service. i don’t which is worse. :p

  8. I visited your brunch at midvalley on 24 feb 2013 and make a order 1 bufday cake collection on 27 feb@ 5pm.i make full payment, my receipt no 133971
    on 27/2 around 7 pm i come to collect my cake and so suprised ur staff said” kek xder”and she ask me back” akak order kek kt sini ker?? Order dgn sapa? They ask me to wait and check my order.after 30 min i standing in front ur counter i didn’t get any status about my cake.our party already stated and my guest already waiting. I lost my patient at all
    And ur staff still tried to call ur manager on duty. The worst part ur staff ( wearing tudung) ask me to collect myself cake at Garden if i can’t wait dare ur staff to be rude and act that way?? she said
    ” ini bukan salah kami,manager kami yang x inform kami”..and i ask her is not my problem,i already pay and i need it now..she started mumbling with others staff until one of your staff decide go to Garden collect my cake.i’m so dispointed with this. In time waiting ur staff get it my cake ur manager(maybe)came and appologise but i ‘m still didn’t get the answer from her. So upset and drop my water face in front my guest keep them waiting us too long. Thank you for ur team to keep my long wait for my birthday cake..

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  10. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with
    the pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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  12. Totally agreed to the above. I had a very, very bad experience at Baskin Robbins at Gurney Plaza, Penang on 2/6/2014 at about 10.10 pm. I was celebrating my son’s birthday with my family when he said he wanted to get “chocolate overload” from the BR booth. There was a group of Indian customers before us, so my sons waited in line to make the order. When it came to my’s order, the staff their own sweet time to make the said ice cream. There were 3 staff working, one Indian girl, one Malay boy(skinny) and another Indian Muslim boy (overweight). I am of the firm believe that the skinny Malay boy was a trainee and was very unsure what he was doing, he kept asking the Indian girl what to do. When my son took the ice cream to the table where I was seated, the said ‘chocolate overload” did not even looked like the photo of the ice cream displayed. There was definitely no chocolate syrup on top, there was no cherry on it and the whole cup looked pale and white. When I asked the Indian girl, she answered, “oh, that’s only a picture… and all the ingredients in the said “chocolate overload” are in the cup. I have been to BR all over the world, I know what a “chocolate overload” really looks like! The one I had at Gurney Plaza was all white and whipped cream on top! Is this a con job or what? Furthermore, the overweight Indian boy/staff was very rude and intimidating! He even banged the working area counter to show his anger to us…some utensils even went flying to the ground! It was the most embarrassing moment for me. BR, I have been a loyal customer for many, many years but if this the way BR trains it’s serving staff, then, it is most disappointing. From today onwards, I vowed not to step into any BR outlet in the world and will endeavor to discourage the very few friends of mine not to patronize BR anymore period. BR Malaysia, please wake up!

  13. qI beli cake choclate tuxedo + 6% RM100.70.I buat event so my customer nak cake BR.memang I silap tak nmpk cake u yg bentuk love flavour choc apa yg I nak complain adalah, I tahu I silap beli cake & I nak tukar kepada cake yg bentuk heart shape sbb my customer nak celebrate anniversary ke 2.I beli today 25hb ogos n nak ambik esk 26hb ogos.I tak blah pun dr cashier BR utk tukar cake.I beli pastu I nmpk customer lain pegang cake tu dan I nak yg heart shape tu tp yr PIC tak bagi tukar @ refund..katanyer kalu cake tu rosak jer boleh tukar…I tak paham kenapa tak boleh tukar? bukannyer I cancel pun.kat resit pun tak tulis tak boleh refund…1st timelah I beli barang tak boleh tukar.apa yg susah sgt nak buat refund? I beli sbb my customer pyer event anniversary so cake heart shape lebih sesuai ngan event yr PIC refuse utk tukar…tak sampai berapa minit pun I mintak tukar & I tak blah pun dr cashier counter BR.I tak tahu apa polisi yg BR guna…next time baik I beli jer kat tmpt lain.sgt contact no 0126250102.

  14. outlet BR the curve

  15. Dear Management,

    I came with my wife to enjoy ice cream as we are customers that has been supporting you ever since rum ice cream was still legal in Malaysia. I’m talking like a twenty years back.
    Yesterday, me and my wife pop in your outlet branch at Sunway Giza kota damansara to have ice cream as the whether is really hot and right for a day of ice cream however just after finishing our ice cream, I left my hand phone at the table I was seated. I walked out forgetting about it but after less then 5 minutes I realised that my phone wasn’t with me.
    My wife walked back to Baskin Robbins to ask one of the staff if he saw the phone and he said no. It was weird as me and my wife and a lady and her kid were the only customers at that point of time. We then went to the security guards to seek assistance and they were a great help I must say making the effort when none in Baskin Robbins were able to help. The security said to go to the Management and ask to play the CCTV but I quickly walked back to Baskin Robbins and asked the supervisor where was the boys my wide spoke to just few mins ago and he said that he went to the toilet. I was starting to get suspicious over his act and asked the supervisor why was he so long to return back? I waited for him to come and asked him again did he seems my phone? He was lying saying he didn’t which I could clearly tell by his body language and the best part was he said there was somebody who walked in and came and took the phone and went away where I knew now he was clearly telling lies. I told him that I’m going to see the CCTV and find out the truth. Just after speaking with the management of security having a great police assistant to follow me back to your outlet to question that guy, your very worker admited taking my phone as he was fearing the consequences he has to bare which was already to late with my phone in his pocket with and my simply cards hidden at the parking bay staircase. I demand a rightful explanation and Compensation or I would bring this matter to the higher authorities.

    John Gomez- mobile ( 01133667863)

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