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Early this year i bought the super cool LG Viewty mobile phone. It “WAS” a fantastic phone- touchscreen,plays divx movies& 5MP camera…

….until it started to shut down by itself on me. The thing is, to restart the phone you actually have to take out the battery and reinsert it for it to actually switch ON! This happened almost 3-5 times a week until i finally braved the heavy traffic in kl to fix the phone at the LG distributor service centre ( Hello Station@ plaza berjaya). The whole process took around 3 hours ( update the software from version B to E) and it STILL DIDNT FIX THE PROBLEM! Weeks later, i finally went to LG office + service centre in kelana jaya and they changed the PCB (Printed Circuit Board or mainboard) and it was ok for a while……

And you guessed it right.The problem returned not so often but enough to drive me bonkers! See the embeded you tube link if you want to know what i mean

3 weeks back, i wrote an email to LG Malaysia, asking them for a refund as i have lost confidence in this product and also i have spent too much time and effort getting this phone to the service centre (time, petrol, parking!) . The next day (SPEEDY!) i got a call from the customer service department and i have to say they are very professional in handling my case. The lady in charge ( Ms Azratul) was very emphatic to my situation even though she claims that this is not a common case. I told her that i know for a fact that many users locally are facing the same problem and i am slowly gathering the users from low yat forum (Links to lowyat.net viewty forum) .

As of last week ( 2nd week July 08) , LG Malaysia has agreed to replace my faulty viewty phone with the new LG Secret model.Why you may asked? I have already tried everything to fix the phone (software & hardware) and it still didnt help solve the problem. I suggest all viewty users go through the same process as LG certainly wont offer this to anyone who hasnt tried all possible avenues to fix their phone.

I should be happy you say ? well, i still havent got any updates from LG Msia as to when i can actually do the swap as they cant get hold of a unit for me.

Stay tuned. i will update this post once i get a call from LG Malaysia


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  1. Hi,
    I’ve recently had a very bad experience with LG that I vow to never buy any of it’s product again. I bought a refrigerator in August last year. Last March, the main fuse of my house blew and I had to pay RM350 to get it fixed. The electrician told me that the cause is my LG ref so I contacted LG who adopted a blase attitude. To get their electrician to come was also a problem because they prefer to come during a time convenient to them and not the customer. The ref was finally returned to me but the condition is sad. The cable was shortened and was wrapped in a tape. Apparently during the transfer they accidentally damaged it. Sigh. It’s working now but who knows…

  2. I used LG 29FS4RLX, my screen got shrink in the middle and the picture small a bit. Colour was little blurring.

    Please how to solve this, going to repair shop, need to change board, it is true?

  3. im facing the same problems as you wif my LG KM 555. It was well said as the latest model in town and i regretly fool to have it one.Now in process to claim warranty .would very glad to hear from your update wif LG soon.

  4. hey…actually…its getback my trust when LG change to new one my problem phone…our story is same…but my fon just KP500…i am very satiesfied…

  5. my washing machine wf-f783pc was mellfunction and i call lg to sercive my washing machine. make an call and make and appointment on 12/11/10. LG call again to comfirm the date 25/11/10. I confirm the date but on date LG man din’t appear and i call back they said why I din’t confirm the date. This was answer by company call “hasmhica”. That was a STUPID and UNPROFESIONAL answer from LG. this will be the last product that i will bought from LG. Bad on customer services. I think LG should close down thier shop if they cannot improve their services.

    • i am totally agree on your point, i do face the same issue on my washing machine the water pump has problem. Call for service, the technician keep changing the time or not even call when they not able to make it on the appointment set. finally they came, b4 they took out the pump, they are amazingly asked me help to memorise how the wiring was intact originally. omg!!how could this happened. if that the case might as well i fix that things myself. Get called from customer service, still wanna charge me RM 75 for labour charge and RM 185 for the pump replacement. complaint about how could they sent an uncertified technician over and they have no answer for me and just asked me to choose drop it by not fixing it or just accept it to fix it as it is. no effort from the the so call supervisor i believe she is faking herself as supervisor because of the way she (her name Lina) behave and half of the conversation she suddenly said she had checked with her supervisor and so on. She not even dare to tell me her full name and her manager name Ms Chong which i doubt she telling the truth of the name also. when i insist her to tell her full name she cut off my phone just like that when i try to call back she purposely do not want to pick up anymore. Email complaint to LG but also doubt will get attended in proper way. All lies behind there in LG none can be trusted. will need to call them again hoping with full of luck that they will attended my case professionally. such a big disappointment towards such a big company when having this kind of low level quality of customer service.

  6. Hi,

    I bought an LG GW300 phone from the LG shop in KLCC (3rd floor…avoid this shop at all costs!). A week later I took it back because it kept dieing on me, the guy in there gave me a new battery. Another week later and it wouldn’t charge, so I went back in and apparently the shop’s been sold, but is still an LG dealership. The new manager in there was incredibly rude to me, he walked away, ignored me, told me to come back in 7 hours, then glared at me and muttered in Chinese, made me follow him to another shop on the ground floor, where a man shouted at me down the phone until I cried!!!! All I wanted them to do was to change it for another phone of the same model, but they refused in the rudest possible way. I’m going to go to Jalan Imbi to the service centre and just hope they are nicer. I guess I’ll write to LG Malaysia too nd see what they say.

    Never ever buy anything from LG in KLCC!

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I wish to thank LG customer care for giving me a quick reply on my inquiry regarding LG LCD TV. I am surprise that the model LG450 is not from LG Malaysia. So, where did it come from then? Kindly please advise because I am going to buy a TV within this week.
    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely

  8. I Got an email on 7th June 2011:-

    LG Winner
    From: LG Mobile

    Your Email Address won you LG GALAXY TAB PHONE, $650.000, For claims send
    us Email followed by details from you:-

    Your name:,
    Contact Address;

    YOUR CLAIM ID #:LG367/0092/GW


    p/s: Is it geniune

  9. I bought a DVD portable player LG DP271b when I want to watch file fr USB, it show the password & want me to visit d DivX.com for registration. Could you instruct me how to do this? It is I need to install d firmware to d player? I’m just confused.

  10. I send my TV for repair already 3 weeks,but until now still not yet repair yet,i every week call to service centre,they always give me the anwers same.say the spare parts pending.
    When i bought the TV set,the sale person told me that if the TV set have problem on 1 month still can’t repair LG will replace a new set TV unit to me .
    I think the LG service is very bad need to improve many things,the TV set is a new set,but why in the service centre don’t have spare parts gor replavemant need to import.

  11. plz give me the nearst LG(H.PHONE) srvis in sabah malaysia(contect no),tq

  12. HAI i bought LG GW 525 i want to use 3G video call but i can’t make its my phone show video call service unavailable
    please tell me how i can use my phone video call?????????

  13. Greedings from R.Naidu,

    Sir, I have purchased a unit of handphone set model KT 610 ( LG ) two years ago, since I purchase I having a problem that the battery is very veek , when i complaint to the dealer he unable to solve the problem and unable to supply new replacement battery . I like the phone very much but cannot use at the moment, where can i purchase the reolacement battery for the set,

    3.7 V / 950 MAH

    Looking your kind cooperation.

    Thanks and regards,

    H/P 017-7109600
    email. naidu1951@yahoo.com

  14. The handphone dealers motive is only selling the phone no bother about after service.
    this is spoiled the LG product market in malaysia.

    Hope the management consider the my complaint.

    Thank you

  15. i think LG products are substandard. I bought a 47″ LCD TV, after about two years it started malfunctioning – cannot on/off, no link to dvd player. i bought their home theatre system and in less than one year, the CD eject function malfunctions, many of the buttons on the remote have to be pressed many times, and the sounds was just lousy.
    i wont buy their products again. btw Vincent, where is the LG service centre in KL?

  16. I m looking for service centre at Bayan Baru, Penang or in Penang itself because i m looking for spare parts for refregeritor but i m not sure the number of the model… kindly inform me thank you.

  17. I am from johor bahru…i am looking sensor for washing machine…where can i get it?

  18. chong chee chyn

    I am from kota bharu and i am looking for battery for my handphone model GW525…cannot find in my home town ….can anyone help…..tq

  19. lollipop 2 can buy at Penang ?

  20. I bought my lg washing machine last few week but now I can’t on totally

  21. Got few LG products in my home, 2 air conditioners and a fridge for 5 years now. I didn’t have any problem with the appliances except for the air conditioner in my room where it gave a pop sound and went dead few months after I bought it back in 2006. I gave a ring to the shop I bought it from to lodge the problem and I got a call from LG the next day to setup an appointment to look at the problem.
    Next thing I know, a local technician show up with 4 Korean fellas at my doorstep! One spoke English, apparently the marketing manager or something, the other 2 and the local technician was looking at the air con unit, the other one just wandering around maybe just follow to makan angin..
    The marketing guy was looking at my other electrical appliances and took some pictures of my art cool air con installation in the living hall and he was commenting that their LCD tv and washing machine are good too after he saw mine was their rival brand Samsung..lol
    The techies solve my air con problem on the spot after changing a part, looks like they already guess what was the root cause of the problem. Most probably some design defects maybe that’s why they brought this group of people for field study.
    Got some LG merchandise from the marketing guy at the end, it was a pleasant customer service experience from LG but that was 5 years ago when they are still relatively new in Malaysia.
    Now I’m considering to get a new TV and I’m eyeing their LED 3D considering the price that are quite attractive! Lol

    • Ha ha 5 Koreans showed up? Mine was a Bangladeshi … and I’m still waiting for my fridge to be fixed after 8 days of chasing, calling, screaming … the Koreans have gone hiding as LG customer service refuses to give the contact number of their manager.

      You sure you don’t work for LG or stand to gain from posting your pleasant experience?

  22. http://andcarinsurancequotes.com

    Glad to be one of several visitants on this awing web site :D.

  23. My mom’s LG washing machine was spoil. She called LG customer service and the next day they sent a Nepalese worker and a lorry driver to collect the machine to be fixed. They did gave her a receipt of collection. But the next day when my mom called the number on the receipt, she was told that they are actually an electric shop, one of which LG sub the ‘fixing projects’ to. (haha, i hope you get what I mean) Then they told my mom that after inspection, the charge will be around RM300 for cost of repair. My mom thought that the charge is a bit high and she rather ask for freelance technician to fix it so she asked for her machine to be sent back and she agreed to pay the rm45 inspection fees as inspection had been done. After one hour, the shop called her back and told her they will give a discount of rm100 by not repairing with LG spare parts. My mom refused and ask for the machine to be sent back and they told her that have to wait as there is currently not enough lorry for transportation. This happened 4 days ago. Mom is very worry and her machine is still not home yet. Any advice and suggestions? She asked mo to file a complaint to LG, would that help?

  24. I want to buy a battery for LG phone Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery 3.7 V LGIP-330GP. Where can i buy it at northern area, at Perlis especially. Or buy on line. Please help me.

  25. Alexander Soon

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I purchased a LG LED TV last year October 2011 at HLK Kota Damansara.
    I recently encounter the TV speaker device issue whereby the sound goes off and on very frequently during not only on the advertisement time but also during the movies period.

    I have checked with the HLK sales personnel recently, however I was explained that it is the Astro’s problem AND NOT the TV’s problem as I expected.This is a rediculous excuses given and unacceptable as it is crystal clear that its the TV speaker device problem that causes the problem.

    I am getting very angry with this irritating problem especialy when I watch TV at night as I have to keep holding the remote control to keep the volume down and up. Please feedback to me ASAP as its still within the warranty period.

    Your prompt reply is very much appreciated. Thank you.

    Alex Soon

    MODEL NO: 42LV3500-TA
    SERIAL NO: 105 ML JY 01524

  26. To Whom It May Concern:

    I purchased a LG LED TV last year October 2011 at HLK Kota Damansara.
    I recently encounter the TV speaker device issue whereby the sound goes off and on very frequently during not only on the advertisement time but also during the movies period.

    I have checked with the HLK sales personnel recently, however I was explained that it is the Astro’s problem AND NOT the TV’s problem as I expected.This is a rediculous excuses given and unacceptable as it is crystal clear that its the TV speaker device problem that causes the problem.

    I am getting very angry with this irritating problem especialy when I watch TV at night as I have to keep holding the remote control to keep the volume down and up. Please feedback to me ASAP as its still within the warranty period.

    Your prompt reply is very much appreciated. Thank you.

    Alex Soon

    MODEL NO: 42LV3500-TA
    SERIAL NO: 105 ML JY 01524




  27. Regarding LG Malaysia customer support:

    I recenly purchased LG 42LM6700 TV. But I was surprised to see that there is no international warranty. All my colegues were impressed by this TV but they can not purchase it as LG do not provide international warranty and most of them have transferrable jobs going to other countries.

    Unlike LG, Samsung and SONY are giving international warranty on TVs and hence are very popular.

    LG in their market survey should find out how many expatriates are buying their products and how important it is to give international warranty?

    Does LG got any policy for international warranty? By paying extra can we extend our warranty?

  28. My LG fridge stopped functioning a week back last Sunday. I called LG Customer Service 1800-line and was greeted by LG’s voice system. The msg asked me hold the line while it’s being transferred and my call will be recorded for training purposes. In fact, LG Customer Service was closed on Sunday but the announcement does not change!!

    I called again on Monday and was told that my faulty fridge would be attended to but Wednesday or Thursday. I waited and called on Wed noon to inquire. I was told again their tech will call. Nobody did. On Thursday noon I called again … same story given. Then I called at 4pm and screamed at them (before that you have to experience several passing of calls into oblivion). The interesting thing about this was that they refused to let me speak to their manager. I has to call again and under after intense pressure I was told that their manager doesn’t take calls (Raphael Wong) and doesn’t have a contact number. In fact, if you check on LG website etc, they don’t publish even a main line number!! It’s like nobody (Koreans included) wants to receive any calls. I left an email msg on their website to ask for their manager to call, and true to form, nobody did.

    Their contractor shows up at 6.30pm. He was honest enough to admit he wasn’t trained to fix anything (when I asked him why was fumbling around) and wanted to take it back for inspection.

    On Saturday, I was called to say that it would cost RM695 to repair and I asked them to proceed. It takes LG 2 days to determine the fault.

    Today (Monday) I call LG customer service ans they have no clue when it will be fixed. They only tell you their process. We will check with the technician and he will call you. I again asked to speak to their manager as I wanted to complain. A Ms Lim told me that they cannot connect the line to their manager. I ask for his office number, she said she didn’t know. I asked her to walk over to ask him, she refused saying she wasn’t allowed to.

    Just now, their technician (sounds impressive but it actually their panel of contractors) called and says, they ordered the compressor and are not sure when it will arrive. So maybe I can get my fridge back by the end of week!! It takes LG 2 whole weeks to collect and fix your fridge. Imagine, what is a household expected to do without a fridge for 2 weeks?

    It seems to me LG is inundated with many failures and they simply can’t cope. When I called other technicians (recommended by appliance stores), they say they can’t fix it as LG refuses to sell parts to them. So, it’s a cartel who they allow on their panel of cons. This is the last time I’ll buy an LG product. My saga continues … as I try to Google their address. They’re more difficult to find than you think.

  29. i bougth a lg lcd tv 42 inches 2 years ago from jusco. i turn it off last night but i couldn’t turn it on again next day.i called lg service center and told them my problem.they told me that it costs me rm 250 just their guys come to my house and see what is the wrong whit this tv.do you really think this is way they should treat us.i recommend to every one never buy lg product.their products are very very low quality and they have very short time life.

    • Razalli Bahari

      Hey i goy exactly same problem with my LG 42′ plasma tv. After 2 years cannot turn on anymore. I guess that will be the last LG product for me. I think this brand is to be banned forever.

  30. I bought an LG 42″ Plasma TV which was on a Promotion at the Kulim Giant outlet in December 2010, not even 3 years and now the TV has sound but no picture. According to a TV repairmen he says one of the PC board is having problem and need to be changed which will cost me RM500. I was using a Samsung TV for 10 years and did not have any problems with it untill prior Dec 2010 that it started to give problems so decided to change to LG, but now I am pretty dissapointed with LG products.

  31. I want to buy lg phone batery model kc 550.still have stock

  32. LG Customer Service belongs to the bad and fugly category.

    Bought a new washing machine and after the 3rd wash, it started to gives some irritating noise. Called up the customer centre and they assigned to their authorised service centre since I am located outside Klang Valley.

    1st visit, they say wanted to take back the washing machine since they not sure what could be the cause of the problem which I did not allow them to since it was still new. Then a more experience technician come over for the 2nd visit. He opened the machine and tightened what needs to tighten but problem still persist. So called LG service centre again and requested an engineer from their LG office to troubleshoot. Their same authorised service girl called up and request for appointment. Informed her on the prefered date. She says she will need to check on the availabilty of the technician and will call back. Waited for 2 weeks, still got no follow up from LG.

    I schedule a repair via LG website the day I encountered the problem. The website is great and there you can enter 3 prefered days and time you prefer the service personnels to come over but sadly when it come to execution, their service is not up to the mark.

    Now, I am waiting and see what’s their next action after my 3rd call to LG.

  33. Hi,where can buy the LG optimus G smartphone? How much? Batu Pahat, Johor got buy it?

  34. Please help me?my flayback tranformer not is serial no ?serial no: in my flayback tv lg is lose?please help what is serial no in flayback tranfomer my tv lg? Model my tv lg is /sales model:29FS4RLX MODEL NO: 29FS4RLX-TG PRODUCT CODE:29FS4RLX-TG.ATS 110-240V – 50/60Hz;135 PLEASE HELP

  35. my tv lg is flyback short.i be channe but serial no flyback is lose.please help me

  36. it has been more than 2 weeks of compaint, but the PIC never respond to me.
    firstly i compain about my fridge, he said he will call me on saturday (27.7.13). but he never call me. so i waited, and called him last saturday (3.8.13), to my surprise he said he has forgotten about it. then he said he will go back to office and call me again on the same day.
    only late evening he called, and ask whether im the one who called him morning and he wants to confirm my handphone number. im disappointed by his behaviour. then he promise to call me today, monday. but till now no sign of him.
    is this how you treat your customer?? im fed up with the services. at least should make a courtesy call and inform me when he is coming.
    very bad service LG!!

  37. Aisyah Syammira

    Hi,I’m from KL where can I find LG HBS730??I’m thinking to to give to my bro as birthday present

  38. My washing machine is very noisy , where should i call.

  39. I’m looking for LG montor model Flatron L1942T-PF. Where can I get it? Thanks

  40. I have been using a LG refrigerator Model GR-B207GTC since August 2005,
    recently the Freezer Compartment is not cold even it is switched to the maximum coldness.
    as can be seen from water cant form into ice , ice cream remain soft etc.
    is it time for it to undergo a service? or does it does it need re-gasing?
    can someone from the service department advice me? much obliged.

    steven chua

  41. Wow cuz this is very goodexcellent work! Congrats and keep it up

  42. Hi,who can kindly tell me seremban where have LG service centre?? Cause my phone Nexus 5 , problem is it battery was not working anymore ,so can I know seremban where have LG service centre , Thank you

  43. I sent my LG TV for repair on 6 Jan 2017. I called the service centre for couple of times but always the same answer; the technician is not around or he will call you. But till today no call received. Today was my last call and same answer. My service no is RN170106014357. Very very poor service. The company should terminated deadwood from the company who are not performing. Its a shame for LG Malaysia for hiring such people who tarnish the good name of LG. Please have a review on your frontline employees and get some new blood in your service department. Get rid of the old guys who are finding difficult to cope in their jobs; best is to retire them. Sooner the better.


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