Tesco Part 2

Well, i finally had time to visit Tesco Damansara yesterday (monday 22nd July) to return the “unpaid merchandise”. I went to the customer service counter next to the entrance and asked the friendly counter lady to see the store manager. She didnt really know who was the store manager and she got me a manager “on duty” instead.

The manager “on duty” Mr Azmi (friendly chap too!) came to meet me and asked how he could help me. I told him that i wanted to return an unpaid item. As i passed the item to him and the receipt to show that i didnt paid for it, Mr Azmi was really STUNNED and CONFUSED. His only question was why the alarm didnt trigger as the security tag was still intact. He asked me this 3 times and i kept tellling him i dont know! He also told me that i was the FIRST and ONLY customer who ever returned an unpaid merchandise to the store!

As i wanted to leave, Mr Azmi thanked me and asked me to leave my contacts with them. I guess Mr Azmi didnt know what to do as this never happened to Tesco Damansara before or maybe he isnt the right person to deal with this case.

almost 1hour plus later as i got home from grocery shopping at tesco, this lady from tesco called me. She asked if i was still at the store and i said no. She then said its ok and then hang up. WHA?????

I guess thats it folks. Its ok for me as i am not really expecting anything in return. I was really more curious as to how TESCO will respond in this case.

So what do you think? leave a comment !


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