Baskin Robbins Part 2



ok ok, maybe the movie poster of the return and baskin robbins is a bit overkill/dramatic.Since i posted the original topic on baskin robbins, my friends asked me ‘why not send an email to them and see how they respond?” so i did juuuuuuuuuuust that on both the US and Msian baskin robbins homepage

B.Robbins Msian feedback page

B.Robbins Msian feedback page

An interesting thing to note on the feedback page of the US site of Baskin Robbins- After submitting your feedback + brief survey ( they merge feedback and survey into one page) they reward you with a nice little e-coupon!!


The thing is, they dont tell you that you are getting a e-coupon so as to not skew your feedback on the survey page. Still, it is very nice to get a reward no matter how small when we give our feedback to any companies!

So anyhow, i got a call from baskin robbins marketing department on monday 28th July. The ever polite miss lau (i hope its the right name!)called me up to find out more about my comments and that she also read my blog.

Ms Lau : Im very sorry to hear about your experience mr michael but we are not aware of your case as there are only two of us here in marketing and none of us spoke to you as you detailed in your blog.

Me       : In that case i believe you should have at least trained your receptionist on how to        respond when customers call in on this matter. Right?

Ms Lau          :Errr…..Yes….yess…im sorry again.

Me               : So what IS the purpose of the sign again?

Ms Lau        : Oh! Basically we would like to prevent any “dirty tricks” by the counter staff by encouraging customers to report in if they dont get a receipt. We also have the same sign in all our branches!

Me           : Well, i was at midvalley just two days ago and i DONT see the same sign.

Ms Lau   : Is IT!? NO NO, they should have!

Me   ;I am doing you a great service by telling you what i saw.

Ms Lau : Yes yes. thank you . im very sorry again for this incident

Me: No problem.

She hung up before i could further ask, what the hell do they think customers would want to call in now if they dont get a receipt especially after reading about it in my blog??? Where is the carrot?! Even their US website gives out e-coupon for customer who give feedback what more we msian customers who CALL ?? I mean, customers would have to take the trouble to remember the dang number, waste their time and money to call in and also get ridiculed and pass around the phone lines? no thank you .

As for me, i dont think i will be visiting the 31flava store anymore….im gonna take my biz to haaaaaagen dazzzzzzzz…….

PS; I will update this post with the picture of midvalley brand soon, when i visit them. Can anyone of you who read my blog be kind enough to snap one for me?!?!


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  1. Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

  2. What i can say about this case is that the marketing dept does not do the Customer Service dept work. So i believe you have talk to the wrong person. You need to speak to the right person if they dont have anyone serving in the customer service dept. That person should be the General Manager.

    Or its either the Account dept that request this tactics to the manager since there were missing receipts before.

    that stupid stick does not have a carrot on it. Why? They believe creating mistake has bigger proportion than making things right. What a stupid mentality these people have. Why can’t they discover the jewel of the solution? More mistakes makes a Perfect Solution isnt it..

  3. thanks for your comment jeff.
    When i first call the number, i wasnt sure myself WHO i was supposed to talk to and i took it in good faith that the person who claimed to be the marketing person is who she really is.

    its true that baskin robbins do not have a customer service dept, its not a problem. The problem lies with the whole execution of the call to action back to BR and also training the front line.

  4. Thanks Dan! your comment ended up in the spam folder for some reason. glad to hear from you.

    let me know if you have any stories to contribute .

  5. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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