“Perfect” hi fi (yeah, the irony….)

Mr Hackwire gave me the permission to republish this article” Enjoy!! 5th Aug 2008

perfect hifi reminds me of her.....

perfect hifi reminds me of her.....

This time around, we have a customer service experience story from a forum. Cant help but blog on this as myself visited perfect hifi store in IOI mall in puchong before and also because im using the same brand as this person.

Hackwire (forum nickname lah) recently bought the Acoustic Energy Neo sound system package from Perfect Hi Fi IOI Mall.

Few Days later, one of the speakers malfunctioned and he returned to perfect hifi hoping for a 1 to 1 swap (best case scenario). Instead, he was told to wait for a replacement/spare part and days later they offer him a cheapo sub par product on loan to pacify him. This is really fcuking ridiculous. Imagine if you bought a 52” plasma and they offer you a 14” CRT on loan??? What would you have done ??

ONE MONTH later ( YES ONE MONTH ALREADY!) , he is still waiting and guess what ? The folks in perfect hifi asked him to contact Acoustic Energy UK ( United Kingdom, not Ulu Klang) as AE UK is not responding to their email and they cant get any spare parts, because they are no longer the distributor…what the FCUK ? ( FCUK pronounced as foo chook, just like the yong tau foo)

I really admired mr hackwire for his patience in this whole incident. If it were me who paid RM9k for a LCD from SENQ/Harvery Norman/HSL and they tell me to contact the manufacturer myself, I would have throw a bloody tv in their showroom by now.

Some of you would probably say, hey, warranty is from the manufacturer, not the reseller! I think if every reseller in the market do this, they will close shop soon.

Also I believe changing of distributorship is nothing new in the AV and even IT industry. Resellers/distributors still services products sold by them when they held the distributorship rights. So why is perfect hifi screwing hackwire around by asking him to contact AE UK himself ?

I really pity mr hackwire for suffering in silence for one whole month. His next step is to take the legal action through the consumer tribunal and I will help him spread the word on the net through my blog and also I will email to the AE UK guys to know whats the 411.

my email to AE UK

my email to AE UK

What is the fate of all AE customers in Malaysia when they suffer product breakdown or needing a spare part?

To be fair, i have also sent an email to perfect hifi asking for them to comment,

my email to perfect hifi

my email to perfect hifi

Oh= by the way, the AE factory IS IN MELAKA. funny isnt it?

Oh yeah, here is the link to the original forum on low yat

PS: Took me damn ages to post this thing up. been having problems with my frequent time out with streamyx in kota damansara area


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  1. I had similar issue with perfect hifi in IOI mall, got issue with my AE Evo amplifier, asked for 1 to 1 replacement, and they ask me for rm500 for deposit for a loan unit and while waiting for my replacement to come, after that never hear anything from them. They just keep the money and remain silent. Go to the shop and the customer service is lousy, the owner’s father even ask me to sue them in the court. I strongly advise NOT to buy anything from this shop. The warranty they provided basically is nothing. YOU TAKE YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH THEM !!!

  2. 1st off, thanks for visiting my blog.

    and now….HOLY SHIT! Looks like more and more unhappy customers from perfect hifi are starting to surface! lesson learnt and i hope others will avoid perfect hifi until they rectify all these customer replacement/service issues.

  3. Take them to the tribunal. But make sure that you made sure you send the lettter to them using the registered letter with receipt of acknoledgement. Not normal registered letter.

  4. Thanks for the comment but this case is closed already. finally mr hackwire managed to iron out this problem and perfect hifi came to their senses.

  5. Same thing happen to SOUNDTECH HIFI in Sungai Petani Village Mall. Not sincere at all. I bought a new Tannoy speaker from them but end up find out that it was used. 😦

    • I bought almost 100k from SOUNDTECH HIFI n found they are best in service. Suggest you check with owner STEVEN, a real hifi specialist !!


  6. yeah i’m agree with u,i started my AV (since 2000) with this shop and now i realise that all ietem i bought were used,demo and the price (kapak)

  7. I agree with u guys, I bought a marantz cd player from the same hi fi shop years back. Later I realised the player was a demo set with a cut throat price. My friend bought a german brand cd player at RM4,800.00 from the same shop, few months later we discovered that the same cd player was sold at RM2,800.00 in other hi fi shop.

  8. Chew
    Thanks for visiting my blog. are you talking about perfect hifi or are you replying to the post about the sg petani hifi shop?

  9. Hey HiFi enthusiast,
    I also have a bad experience with Perfect Hifi in IOI Puchong. As soon as he has swiped my credit card, the customer service level flipped. I was so regretful to have purchase from them.

    I can’t imagine what to expect from them for after sales service.


  10. I live in Puchong. When I needed service for a Kef reference product purchased from Perfect Hi-Fi (1st Floor, IOI Mall, Puchong), it was a shock to find out that they can’t do much except sell only! The whole thing is an unauthorized. and how they are able to misrepresent themselves as legit distributor is unthinkable in any developed countries. Disgusting.

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