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After closing the chapter on perfect hifi, lots of you guys are probably anxious to know how did AE UK responded to all this.If you recalled, i sent an email to AE UK & Perfect Hifi last friday night for an explanation to mr hackwire’s case.

Amazingly, i got a called on monday night itself (monday morning in the UK of course) from AE UK rep Ms Aggy! WOW! When was the last time anyone of you actually got a call from a MNC HQ itself?

Anyways, the calls lasted around 5 min in which she tried to get more information on the whole incident , even after she read the thread on the low yat forum and also my blog!!!  She also was very apologetic and emphatic towards mr hackwire case and she assured me that she will get this solved ASAP. She also explained to me that perfect hifi lost the AE distributorship 8 months ago, so my and her guess was that this is a case of them clearing old stock and leaving customers in a lurch when it comes to warranty.

If you ask me, it is “perfectly” (pun intended) fine for perfect hifi to clear the old stock as long as they did their best to get the customer the replacement for the malfunctioned product or at least try their best effort to do so. Now mr hackwire emailed me some emails and dates from perfect hifi sent to AE UK and it was clear they really didnt put much effort to solve the problem.

Before the end of the call, she said she will email me so i can forward her mr hackwire details (which she did hours later, not the next day!)

What can i say about the level of response from AE UK ? It was really superb!

1) Speed of response: Check! (24 hours!)

2) Emphatic & Apology : Check!

3) Problem Resolution :Check!

4) Living up to promise (email to me & contact for unicorn) : Check!

Now here is what i can say about AE UK ( and ms aggy in particular) – You guys are really fantastic in making me feel confident again not only as a AE product owner and also to recommend your products to more of my friends and strangers alike!Im sure those who read my blog and the post in the forum will agree with me.

If anyone from AE UK or even Aggy’s boss is reading this, please give her a solid pat on the back+ lunch+ employee of the month award+ promotion+raise.

Thank you!


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  1. Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. keep working!

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