“Perfect” hifi = the finale

Well guys, i havent got any replies from perfect hifi and i think that pretty much says about their level of responsiveness and being upfront.I guess in a scenario where your customers are calling you and the public are demanding an answer, is one of the worst PR nightmare.HOWEVER! with every PR nightmare there is always an opportunity to gain the understanding of your customers and the public if you handled it well. let me share two cases

Case 1- American Power Conversion (APC)

APC was the market leader in small size UPS 10 years ago. So happened the factory shipped out less than perfect QC UPS (i forgot which model) and of course the customers and the press was all over it. Guess what they did? They bit the bitter pill and did a WORLDWIDE product recall and replacement/refund. Overnight they became the media darling of the UPS industry as customers gained confidence that if anything happens, APC is there! In the long run, revenue went up because this incident actually instill confidence for customers to buy APC products.

Case 2 – Dell Malaysia

Remember when Dell launched those colourful covers for the insipron and XPS? Well, someone in the supply/demand dept underforecasted the demand for the colourful covers and presto, majority of customers ordered the red, yellow, etc…etc… over the black and white.You can even read the thread on low yat forum here (click to visit the thread)

The call centre was swamped with calls from angry customers wondering why their orders cannot be fulfilled after 2 weeks and more! Guess what Dell did? They admitted to the problem ( via engadget and also calls to customers) and also gave out some freebies such as mouse,usb thumb drives to make the wait worth it. Also they reduced the price of the black and white so customers have more reason to get WHATS available in the factory and it was also stated in all their print marcom of the delay if customers ordered red,yellow..etc…etc…

So whats the lesson here when facing a PR nightmare ?

Step 1 : Own up to the problem that you FCUKED UP.

Step 2: Emphaty! feel the pain of the customer

Step 3: Resolution- customers can be patient if you cant solve the problem in 24hours but do provide a deadline to fix the problem and a respond to your customer. nobody likes to keep calling to get a status update

Step 4: If you cant solve the problem- at least show the customer that you have done all you can and offer a refund. its only the right thing to do

Well, thats all i can think of now since im under heavy medication. Remember, it might seem like you will be incurring a heavy loss initially because you have to spend money to do all the refund, recall, logistics,etc…etc…in the long run, your reputation and business will benefit heavily as i have mentioned in my case studies.

PS; Yes, i worked with APC and Dell before. hence the working knowledge of these cases!

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  1. Hi there

    Since you’ve worked with Dell before, may I know what are the perks of working there? Help me weigh my options better by providing more info as I will be attending an interview next week.

    Can email me personally at ….

  2. Hello Max
    Sorry for the late response – i was really busy with my NEW job. You can pop me a mail anytime xcarpathia@gmail.com

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