You know, you pretty have to go to KFC if you want good Fried Chickens in Msia. There used to be Popeyes in sunway (but not sure why they closed down) and lets face it, McD + A&W fried chickens SUCK. BIG TIME.

Then again, this is not a blog about food.

Last Sunday we (the gang) went to KFC in SS14 and ordered up a snack plate combo meal + burger. I paid and then my wife said, “Maybe you should order the dinner plate instead as i want to have 1 piece of your chicken”.

Ok, i told the cashier ” Can you please upgrade my snack plate combo meal to dinner plate combo? i will pay the extra”.

Cashier: ” Tak boleh la sir, i dah key in. cannot cancel”

( I cant do that sir as i have key in your order already)

Oh yeah. thats what she said. At that point my blood was boiling (this cashier had earlier also pissed me off by asking me 3 TIMES if i wanted spicy or original- im not always this nasty ). I told her please get your manager. The manager came and silently nodded to my request and presto, snack plate upgraded to dinner plate combo. The manager didnt bother to apologize also. hmmmm……

Frankly speaking, i was MORE THAN HAPPY not to upgrade cos i would have save the extra RM3 but because of my wife and that we were already there….

So this is what i figure:

KFC Malaysia has around 390 outlet nationwide.Lets assume that on average 5 customers per day wanted to upgrade to the dinner combo in 195 outlets:

  • RM 3 (per upgrade) x 5 customers per day =RM15 Per Day
  • RM 15 X 30 days = RM450 per month per outlet
  • RM 450 x 195 outlets = RM87,750
  • RM 87,750 X 12 Months = RM 1,053,000 revenue lost per year

Very interesting indeed. This is a very conservative amount already as you know the vol of customers that goes into KFC daily is very high. Now i dont have any proof that i was there last sun in KFC SS14 as the manager took the receipt but i guess this is up to KFC whether that want to review this.

So the next time you want to upgrade, DONT. If KFC dont want the extra $$$, save it!

I will email this to KFC, lets see how they respond……

By the way, i dont know if you know this but Shakey’s Pizza Country Fried Chicken is DA BOMB. Dont Diss it until you try it ok.


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  1. For sure, KFC is not renowned for its customer service anywhere in the world. At least you did get served. You might appreciate this tale of woe from the UK:


  2. did KFC customer service replied?

  3. Oh yes they did….it was very interesting reply as well….give me a sec while i write the post ….been having problems with my net connection

  4. http://hackwire.wordpress.com/
    my new infant blog.. still touching up.

  5. I read the latest news of KFC and this is something I been trying to tell people about it. People still flock to the place for bad services. A large company like that replying mail so unprofessionally. Many top level post shouldn’t be in this position in the first place yet they succeeded their way bullshitting to the top. Don’t give up Michael, it does not end there but perhaps writting a letter to the Board of Directors will give them a shock, who knows. I think the Public shareholders need to know as well. how can a Corporation simply put this aside for nothing. you should be awarded a lifetime KFC meal for your exposE!

    Michael, if im the CEO , i make sure that the loss of this profit, u get half of it lah….hehe

  6. puteri nurul asyikin

    20hb jam 3.30am kfc 24 hours,i ada pegi kfc jam besar sg petani kedah malaysia,i tengok cashier/customer service tidak ada dikaunter,i panggil beberapa kali tp tdk ada sape yg mnjawb.i tgk cashier yg bernama fadzilah sdg bercumbuan didlm kereta didepan KFC.i panggil lg dan kemudian supervisor yg bernama fizol bru bgun dr tido dgn muka yg masam.i tak akan marah kiranya staf kfc to mnta maaf tp sebalik nya.
    mcm mn syarikat kfc yg terbesar,terkenal service lebih teruk dr kedai makan tepi jalan.

  7. all the kfcs managers and staff are shit..they dont do job professionally..

  8. Well, if you guys are SO dissapointed with them, why not complain? i mean, if you dont, where else are you gonna go for FRIED CHICKEN?

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