VV Group

Welcome to VV Group indeed...everyone falling asleep on the job i think....

Welcome to VV Group indeed...everyone falling asleep on the job i think....

Boy, do i have a great story for you guys.

I really made a mistake in buying a samsung u700 at VV Group midvalley months back. It was a rush purchase and almost closing time too. The price went down almost RM300 the week after! Talk about buyers remorse. Still, i would have appreciated if the staff could at least inform me about the upcoming promo and let me decide if i wanted to buy the phone.

During the 2 months, the battery failed ( i had to send back to FMG to replace) and then the bundled 2GB memory card went Kaput after that. I sent in the memory card back to VV Group Midvalley outlet (11th June 2008) to claim/replace a new one and guess what ? I AM STILL WAITING FOR IT!! ALREADY 2 MONTHS!!! WTF!?

Worst part is when we asked about status, the midvalley outlet will ask us to call workshop in ampang to check for status and then push around back to midvalley. FCUK MAN….

Anyways, VV Group have a COMPLAIN “HOT”LINE number ( 03-2711 1188) and i can guess why. I spoke to the customer service lady Ms Manja and after speaking to her, she said she will check and update me in 1 hours time (because the midvalley outlet not opened yet) .

This is what i think she will respond to me :

1) The memory card is already in midvalley. Please Collect Sir. case closed.

2) Sir, the memory card is STILL in claim process. We are waiting for FMG/Samsung bla bla bla….

Lets see what happens next…


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  1. bro i give u a suggestion. go to their service center and give them hell, tell them u are going to take legal action for the delay, ask them to replace the phone or just get it done by latest 1 last day. then u see la. tell them also that u will put it in the papers and tarnish their reputation. then u see how fast they will help you out.

  2. Hello bro.
    I would have done so but thinking back (time + petrol + parking) its not worth the effort. I can be pretty nasty in person but i think my blog have a better effect in reaching out to other people like you!
    Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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