VV Group Part 2 &; The End.

Miss Manja called me within 2 hours of my call to the VV group complain hotline and she managed to get me a new memory card , without having to wait for the faulty one to get replaced by their principal.

So am I happy? Ms Manja pretty much filled all the good customer service requirement

(Fast response, problem resolution, emphatic, calm soothing voice) but I still feel a bit pissed. Why?

1) In the first place, I wasn’t expecting a big mobile distribution/retail chain store to make a customer wait 2 bloody months for a memory card replacement

2) Customers like me shouldn’t have to bloody call the complaint hotline to get trivial things like this to be solved by their HQ. Its like primary school you know? Running to the teacher and telling on how other kids wont return your pencil case

3) The bloody complaint number wasn’t visible on the job sheet/service form.


All I can say is, if you want to buy overpriced mobile phones with crappy after sales service that gives you the runaround, please, by all means, go to VV shop today.


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