Yup. You saw the title right.

Few weeks back, wordpress put up a notice to inform all users that their tech support was going 24/7, so i thought, what the heck, let me try and drop them a mail on blog squatting. I originally wanted to register this blog under carpathia (instead of xcarpathia) but it was registered way back in 2006 and was never updated ever since. So i emailed wordpress tech support and asked them if they could give me the domain instead since THE OTHER user never bother to post ANYTHING AT ALL. The email went out around 1.20am Monday morning malaysian time and i got a reply within 5 minutes. Yep. 5 minutes!!

Email reply from Jose@ WordPress Tech support.

Email reply from Jose@ WordPress Tech support.

Now, i was pretty amazed at the speed of the reply from those guys. It WAS a SUNDAY in US after all and i really didnt expect to get a reply this quick. I decided to send a more email questions just to ascertain it wasn’t a BOT reply and this reply from Jose pretty much confirm that i am in fact dealing with a person

I asked the tech support team some questions, mainly how could they managed to reply tech support emails so fast? how big is the call center? headcounts?

The reply that i got from them was even more shocking :

Only ten people, no shifts and everyone works from home on their own time. Plus they use a ticketing system to route the emails/calls. WOW.

A team of only 10 people serving millions of blog users and they can respond THAT quickly.

So this got me thinking, what is the secret? I believe a large part is probably due to their passion in what they do and i think this is probably the hardest part for any managers to instill into their front line/customer facing staffs.

KUDOS team wordpress. Keep up the good work guys!!


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  1. impressive… and they work from home. that’s so nice…

  2. Yep. Just like what i said in my post, if your front line staff have passion in what they do, it really doesnt matter where they are or what day it is. i wonder if they have any openings for msia….

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