Yeah, i know the spelling is different but its the only one i can find on the net.

Yeah, i know the spelling is different but its the only logo i can find on the net.

Ah….i was supposed to post this up weeks ago but life’s been hell lately.

Italiannies is one of my favourite place. Curve,1U,Gardens- ive been to all of them, frequently!

So few weeks back my family pop in for a quick coffee break at Italiannies 1utama. It was around 9pm and the place was around 70% packed (weekday). We ordered two coffees and then i took my son out for a stroll. 10min later, i returned and presto…..we were still waiting for our order.

I dont mind waiting but cant they at least serve us some plain water first? I got hold of the waiter that took our order and asked him whats taking holding up our order?!

Guess what our waiter did? He looked at his other colleague and asked him ” Didnt i tell you this table’s order?!” This other guy, looked like he just saw his grandma in her knickers, just stood there and look at us…..

So it turns out they were passing “orders” (pun fully intended) around themselves.

Just so happens, the manager overheard the conversation among his staffs and quickly came over to apologise. He told his staffs to quickly get to our orders and bam! our coffees came in less than 3 min. Which is what i have come to expect from italiannies!

Around 15min later, the manager came again to apologise (again!) and then we started to chat.  I asked him if i could take a pic of their POS (point of sale) screen as this reminded me of my experience in KFC

After we finished our coffee and my nice little chat with James, i asked for the bill from the waiter. James the  manager came again for the 3rd time and said the drinks were on the house! Damn! i should have ordered pizza and pasta to go! I insisted on paying but James is a BIG guy and you know what they say, never argue with the BIG GUY!

So there you have it, What would have turned into a bad customer service experience was rectified with the right actions : timely apology, quick resolution. Sounds simple enough but yet hardly practiced within the service industry in malaysia 🙂

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  1. Italiannis and TGI Friday owned by same the same company. they have one of the best services in the restaurant joint. You can actually get 20 percent discount or a mud pie Free if there’s a complaint by customer in TGI Friday. I fully recommend these two restaurant for those who need to be look after while enjoying the food.

  2. Yep. I fully agree. The restaurant biz is tough enough and making it with just the food itself just wont do.

  3. you have just make waiter X day a bad one…might even cost him his job….
    have u think maybe his day ws already bad ( e.g – just got another screwing from customer) and then ur turn??

  4. Xerocool, thanks for visiting my blog
    Is it my fault that i made his day bad? Frankly speaking, i have never crossed path with THAT waiter and its not my intention to screw him.
    He is paid to do a job, provide a service to customer on behalf of italiannies so if he has a problem with that, he shouldnt be working there in the 1st place.

    Furthermore, being in the service industry, you have to take the good and bad from customers. If you had a bad day, hey, DEAL WITH IT. If you cant cope, then work in the kitchen scrubbing floors or toilet. Its not the customers fault!

  5. Yeah I agree. We’re THE customers. If you give us bad service how do you expect us to come back the next time with the possibility of facing the same treatment? No matter how good the food is, why would we want to make ourselves miserable with their attitudes towards us? So, it’s better for them to improve rather than losing their reputation & customers right?

  6. Thank you for visiting my site and your comment !

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