Back from the dead!

My apologies if the banner is too graphic but it really depicts what this post is all about.Perfect Hifi is back from the dead and chomping/gnawing the life out of the customer.

It seems that the issue with this retailer just wont go away. Click here to read the backstory

Mr Hackwire again, encountered a dead & faulty unit after it was sent for repairs. He returned to Perfect Hifi and was offered a new replacement unit (same model). As Mr Hackwire recall Perfect Hifi told him that this particular sub woofer had a lot of problems, he asked to trade UP for a different model and brand altogether. Perfect Hifi agreed but the price mr hackwire had to top up was ridiculously HIGH.

So i assume both parties couldnt come to an agreement on the additional price to pay to trade up and now, Perfect HIFI is not even allowing mr hackwire to take back his faulty unit and is deciding to press charges against him! WTF ? According to mr hackwire, Perfect HIFI also told him to bring a “witness” to “negotiate” the release of his sub woofer. Now, im starting to wonder if we are dealing with a hifi shop or triad organization here…..

The biggest question that i have is : Why is perfect hifi going through all the trouble, publicity and unnecessary tension for one customer/few thousand dollars?

I will keep everyone updated on this story once mr hackwire updates us on his next course of action!

Meantime – you can read the ongoing discussion on this case and also the story from the horses’ mouth itself :

Low Yat Forum (On going discussion currently!)  <– click to visit the forum

Hackwire’s full story <– click to visit his blog


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