Italiannies Part 2

Yes, a part 2.

Its getting really challenging to eat at italiannies for some reasons.

I went to Italiannies at the Curve shopping mall with my wife and kid to meet a make up artist on Thu, 11th Sept (911). Everything was ok, the atmosphere, the food, the music. We sat at a table for 4 pax and then we decided to move to a bigger table to accommodate the food, the photos albums, baby stroller.

There wasn’t any waiter around my area and the only i could see was behind me, which is on the lower floor. I called out to him “Excuse me”, the waiter turned around and looked at me for 2 sec, and then walked away. WHAT THE FUCK? ? ?  I called out to the same waiter (Lets call him WAITER X ok?)  again, this time i raised my voice “EXCUSE ME!” almost all the customers in the restaurant heard me and know that the damn waiter was ignoring me!

Just when i was about to get off my chair and throw it at someone, another waiter (Lets call him Waiter A) came and quickly apologized. I asked him to move us to a bigger table and please get the manager.  By now, most of the customers in Italiannies are also dumbfounded as to why THAT PARTICULAR waiter refused to serve me. The make up artist also commented “How RUDE!”. Later i asked waiter A as to WHY waiter X refused to attend to me? is it because the waiters here are attend only to their ZONES? The answer was the obvious YES. Still, couldnt waiter X tell me to wait or hold on while he get someone to attend to me?

About 30min passed and we finished our dinner and the make up artist left, still no sign of the manager. I asked waiter A, what happened to the manager? is he busy? he quickly replied to me, “OH! you WANTED to talk to the manager? wait wait!” .

Perhaps all the waiters that night have hearing disability and i shouldnt be making fun of them in this blog?

2 min later, the manager came (Mr MAX LEE) and i related the whole incident to him. Max was quick to apologize and pacify me by asking me “Have you paid for your meal? ” . I told Max in a firm voice ” Sir, im not complaining to get a free meal, im doing you a favour by giving you feedback. I am customer and i will pay for the meal” . Max was SHOCKED but came to accept my decision and thank me and then he left.

My "proof of purchase" so to speak....


After paying for the meal, we left the restaurant and i could see Max at the kitchen corridor screwing waiter X. Max was really upset!!

I should be saying ” Serves you right muthafuka!” but i didnt.

I just dont understand why the service level in Italiannies @ the curve has gone down so much even though its under the same management of TGIF! TGIF is known for great friendly service right!? Why cant they just train the staffs together? Surely more can be done to train the staffs ??

One thing that i DO notice is that Italiannies 1 Utama hires mostly young local malaysians vs imported labour @ the curve but this can hardly be the deal breaker i believe. With the righ training, rewards and encouragement, im sure they will get better in time.

To anyone from Italiannies reading this post, feel free to drop a few comments. No need to apologise or offer me a free meal. Cheers


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  1. Dear Xcarpathia,

    Thank you for taking the time to write to me about your experience in the Curve. We do appreciate hearing from our customers, as their comments are vital for us to continue improving our services.

    The problems that you mentioned have been brought to the attention Italiannies The Curve General Manager.

    While the lack of service you experienced is unusual and not the standard of our restaurant, there is no excuse for a lackadaisical attitude on the part of any of our employees.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience and annoyance this incident caused.

    Thank you again for your comments. We hope that you will give us another chance to serve you.

    James K.H. Goh
    Italiannies 1 Utama
    General Manager

  2. Thanks
    As stated in my post, im not SORE or upset about this experience but rather, sharing my feedback with Italiannies and hoping you guys will improve

    I will return to your restaurant as i did mentioned before, i love to hang out at your place!

  3. My experience eating at TGIF last year was horrible. I realise that TGIF hired a lot of foreign waiters and waitresses. It was during my birthday and the month of Ramadhan, so I thought it would be nice to eat at TGIF since it’s been a while. The service was terrible. A lot of Muslims customer went to TGIF for buka puasa. I had made an early reservation but there’s no table ready for me. I had to wait for a while before they can find a table for me. Shouldn’t they had the table ready for the customers who made an early reservations? That’s the first mistake they made that day. Finally, they manage to find the table and an foreign waiter came to serve us and introduce himself, etc. We manage to get our drinks early but my family and I had to wait roughly about 20-30 minutes AFTER the buka puasa time for the food to arrive. The food arrive AFTER the buka puasa time, not BEFORE buka puasa time. For me, I won’t be in a rush but for my mum she’s not someone who have much patience especially since it’s during month of Ramadhan. Since she lost her patience, she had to keep on calling the waiter and asking our food and why isn’t still not arrive yet? My mum asked the waiter why we received our food late and the waiter said something about the chef had the food ready after the buka puasa time. My mum thinks it’s ridiculous and I thought so too. Next to our table also a Malay family and if I’m not mistaken they had to wait for their food very,very late (like an hour late but they didn’t make a fuss at all). My table was the only one who make all the fusses. I asked for the bill and the waiter came back with the bill and asked me to register something on their website and the next visit to TGIF I will get a free food (as I don’t expect it all). I just smile and left. My mum said that will be the last time she will visit TGIF. My mum’s style will be if one restaurant gave such a horrible service, she won’t ever visit the restaurant anymore.

    p/s: They actually apologized and all but its unacceptable to my mum since she paid but if it was for me, i would say it’s ok. Frankly, I would think twice before I want to eat there again.

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