Marketing 101

Marketing 101-

Make sure you hire a reputable creative agency!

Yeah, i bet all of you would have seen or come across MAXIS’ ad & billboard (even online banners) on their new creative —

So i was pleasantly suprised when i was reading the 2008/9 edition of POSTGRAD ASIA magazine and came across this ad from OPEN UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA  (Click on the link below to continue reading this post)


Open U Msia Ad...hmmm.....

Open U Msia Ad...hmmm.....

See? Same creative & theme. Now i wonder who copied who…..

Oh! Open U Msia listed out their marketing unit email in the ad, so im going to send them this post and try to get their comment on what they think about the similarities between their ad & maxis’. Stay tuned!..

PS: Anyone knows Maxis’ marketing dept email ?

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