Just got my water bill last week and i got the shock of my life. For the last 5 months since i moved in to this new house, the water bill was an average of RM10- 15.

Last month's bill was around RM18, minus RM11 rebate from the state govt

Last month

So lets see my water bill for this month….

This month's bill....a whopping RM102!!!!

This month

Yeah…. i was wondering why too.

So i sent an email to SYABAS/PUSPEL together with the two pics yesterday. So lets see how soon they can respond and what is the resolution to this…..

PS: SYABAS is the private company appointed by the selangor state govt to manage its water resources for the state.

PPS: SYABAS? PUSPEL? im sure some of you were just like me, confused as to which organization we should contact? it seems that SYABAS is marketing heavily both SYABAS & PUSPEL in all its outdoor advertisements and i really have to say, its a pretty DUMB IDEA. I dont recall seeing TOSHIBA/SONY/LG marketing THEIR service arm under a different name…..


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  1. so waht they do 4 solve your problems?

    • sadly, they couldnt solve the problem. luckily i moved out from that place. it was a situation where there was a possiblity of leakage somewhere within the house pipes that is not under the jurisdiction from syabas. syabas checked the main pipe leading to the house and there were no problem.

      • now, i do the research about syabas for my report assignment..
        i want know more about the weakness of syabas for recommendation.. so, thanks for your info..
        i will talk with syabas about this problem 4 the benefits of community..tq..

  2. I like to find out from Puspel what are they doing in water interruptions in the Ampang Jaya area which have been going on almost everyday with our notice. Every time this happens they say it is the Pump House problem. If the staff incharge cannot fix the problem ask them to resign and let someone else handle it as this very annoying and the the Managment should be sacked. For instance this morning there was no supply from 7.30 in the morning and when I callen a girl by the name Hanum answered and I requested to speak with the officer in charge but she kept me on hold for sometime. I called again and Leela answered and she put me on to the supervisor who gave me the name of the man incharge as Hazamuddin but was at a meeting. It is now 12.47 and he has not returned my call.
    If Puspel cannot solve these problems then let another operator handle the water distribution for the public.’
    If they have any sence of Public service carry on but other wise resign and do something else.
    Check their problem list and I believe that it is very annoying.

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