Michelin – Online campaign

I came across Michelin’s banner today in The Star website and it really got me interested, as i am planning to change my car tyres soon….

Michelin online banner page 1

so i decided to click on the banner to find out where i can replace my tyres and redeem the free gift and this is what i got……(Around 5pm, 23rd Sept )  Click on the link to continue reading this post

Michelin's Msia Website was down...and out....

Man…if i were the CEO of Michelin Msia, i would be DAMN PISSED to hear about this.

Hmn…… correct me if im wrong but i do remember online banner ads on the star website doesnt come cheap. So shouldn’t Michelin Marketing team at least CHECK if their website was up and running when this online campaign went LIVE???

Now, here are the few possible scenarios on why Michelin’s site was down the day their online campaign kickstart :

1) Too high traffic, as everyone, especially those gonna balik kampung rush to see this promo

2) The IT team in Michelin feel asleep after all night DOTA session

3) The Marketing team forgot to check and just assumed their website is up and running

4) MY internet connection SUX! SO STFU!

Personally, i really thought perhaps, it was my PC or internet connection. So i decided to try again today (24th Sept) and guess what? the site is up! So i do believe this has nothing to do with MY PC or net but MICHELIN’s website was really down, and OUT!

This is why GOOD marketers always have a proper check list and a PLAN B. My advice to any marketer, especially if you are going to spend this much of $$$, is to always have a contigency plan and always, ALWAYS play the devil’s advocate with your AGENCY. Make sure every execution plan and contigencies are accounted for.

Anyways, i have sent an email to michelin so lets see how (and IF ) they respond .


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  1. I just purchase 4 tyres after i saw the ads. So i went to one of the authorized distributor in Shah Alam near to my place called Alam Megah. After I made the changes, I was given a receipt and whhille waiting for the Gift, the cashier asked me if there’s anything else? I was like….DuH! Where’s the Digital Meter..The girl said sorry! no such thing!

    Next Day I Fax to Michellin and their feedback was out of stock! Now , i am still waiting for their call to give me that Digital Meter.

  2. What the heck? i changed 4 tyres few days back at kajang and there were plenty of stocks left for the free gift! However, i think i was in a rush and i paid too much, RM250 for each tyre!

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