SYABAS – Part 2 & End

After weeks and tons of emails back and forth with PUSPEL (customer service dept or arm of SYABAS), i present to you a DUMMIES GUIDE TO TALKING WITH PUSPEL

1) If your water bill is extremly high for some reason – do this test – When your family goes to sleep, record the water meter outside your house. Make sure during the night NO ONE uses the water from the TAP, so use pails or water drums for the night.

2) Morning – check the water meter and see how far the it moved.

3) Call Puspel and get a list of authorised plumbers to check for the leak.

WHY NOT call puspel ? they will NOT enter or check the plumbing in your house.

So how was the customer service from PUSPEL ? I have to say, if you plan to email them, you better be prepared to WAIT for a few days just to get a reply. I only managed to get a reply after 2 days and THAT IS BECAUSE I HAVE A FRIEND THAT WORKS IN SYABAS THAT HELP ME ESCALATE MY CASE!!!!!!!!

ALL in all, very very bad and slow response from PUSPEL. Who knows, if the Selangor State Govt plans to buy over SYABAS via Puncak Niaga might help improve things a bit.

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