Was in sydney last month and my colleague took me to firehouse, a restaurant next to our office. Turns out that this is a upscale restaurant (based on the price & decor).



Upon setting down on a spot, my colleague proceeded to go to the counter to order our food and beer. He returned with this nifty device with him,.

set phasers to "stun!"

set phasers to

Once your order is ready, the device will blink non stop to remind you to pick up your food from the counter. Now aint that nice? you get to pay a premium price for food & beer and you gotta do everything yourself…..hmmm….. how come australia always seems to be in the forefront of implementing tech into the service industry ? Remember the Palm Pilot ordering system? it was copied over to malaysia by this one guy ( i forgot his name or company) few years back and i believe still in existence.

So now here is my question : would you want to see more malaysian restaurants adopt this system & or do you still think that being waited/served upon is still important?

Oh yeah – sorry about the crappy pics. it was taken with the nokia e51.

PS:Gomen gomen! It’s been a while since i posted an update (even though i check in almost everyday!) . Been really busy with my new job and also need to move house very soon.


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