I was wrong again. Damnit!

Yeah. Busted! Really didnt know we already had this here in malaysia!!!

Went to 1U old wing tonite to grab a quick dinner and we went to the korean outlet. After ordering our food, we were given this nifty device….



Yes. This device functions as the same one as the one i detailer in my FIREHOUSE post! Basically once your order is ready, the device will emit a beeping sound that lasts something like 3-5 secs and thats it. no lights or repetition, so i wasnt able to film it on video for you guys.So this changes everything on my previous post in firehouse. I mean, in this scenario, where its a canteen system, i find this device TOTALLY useful. I am sure some of you had experience going to a PAY FIRST, WAIT FOR YOUR FOOD system in food courts/canteens!? (Especially in singapore!). Which is also one of the reason why i always avoid going to these “canteens” or food courts. Also, this helps to reduce crowd in the food court counters with people lining up waiting for their food while other customers can easily go and order their food. I wonder if this local company is making megabucks now…..

Again, my apologies for the CRAPPY pics…i really gotta get a new camera phone soon…but you know la…im really damn broke…..

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