Spam/wham/bam, thank you maam!

I got this message from my mail server today – –


ISNT IT IRONIC? A company spamming everyone in their list so that they can sell their own ANTI SPAMMING SOLUTION?? ROFL………it would be like a guy committing arson so he can sell his fire extinguishers…. (ok, maybe that example was a bit extreme but you get where im going with this). so anyways, i released the email just to see who & how the html email looked like…so…here is the email below….


Yeah, the html design is also crappy as hell.Cant they even afford to pay a little to someone to come up with a better design ? at least if the email was an attractive offer and looked dazzling, i would have forgive them for spamming me in the first place…

Some of you probably ask – well, you probably are in their mailing list! yes, that could be it. Then again, im also subscribed to mailing lists from MAS, APPLE,Nissan and their emails never end up in my spam filter 🙂

So the next time you plan a mass mailing, please remember the golden rules

1) Always send in small batches, not your full database at one go

2) Embedded images in emails (html or not) will always end up in spam filters

3) If and when possible, always use 3rd party agencies to do the job.They have specific solutions to do this and the know how on how to reduce your emails ending up in the spam bin.

Anyone else have any other tips to share on email broadcasting, feel free to drop me a line.


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