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I got a visitor request to blog about England Optical, in response to my earlier blog post  “Eyes Wide Shut”. Below is his full story, unedited :

“I have been to the england optical in sek 13, giant shah alam last november 4, 2008 to do eye examination and have a new spectacles for my eyes.  I collected my new order 2 weeks after and wore it early Dec 2008 until 31 January 2009.  I came back to the outlet many times after i can’t see properly because the image that i saw its not stabled and felt not comfortable, headache with my new spectacles.

1st visit, they said its normal case if u feel not comfortable because of new spectacles.

2nd visit, i told them whether something wrong with my right eye or the spectacles because i really felt not comfortable and really headache until i went to medical centre to see specialist what went wrong with head on the right hand side and because of that i got to on Medical leave and can’t work.  The girl noticed that my eye looks so tired and red in color.  She said kindly leave your contact no because their specialist was not in and will call me back for an appointment but no calls.

3rd visit, the same thing was happened again.

On the 31 January 2009 i went to Home & Work Optometriy Care to get 2nd opinion and the proper eye test since the England Optical that i went could not solve my problem.  After i had almost 3 hours for eye test, i was shocked because my result was very different with what i had in England Optical.

Can u imagine..how could england optical gave result for my right eye for SPH-4.75 and CYL-0.50 and left eye SPH-5.25 and CYL0.50 which is far different with my recent eye test which is SPH-2.00 and CYL-4.50. And for left eye is SPH5.75 and CYL-0.25.  Then i came back to Giant sek 13 shah alam to ask them because i was not satisfied what they have been done to me.  They did not checked my eyes properly and because their careles mistakes i was sufferred and my eyes condition was unstabled because i was forcing my eyes wore that stupid spectacles and listened to that stupid girl who do not even bother every time i came and gave me all idiot consultation.  And because of them, i have to get new lens which is cost for RM575.  Who wants to pay for the cost?”

it does seems like he has a case and he even posted his receipt as a proof.( i will not post the receipt here as the file is 10mb in size!)

I will send an email to england optical group for them to confirm this incident and what is their plan, if any, to help this poor fella.

PS: I do find their website annoying…. the customer feedback link is dead and they dont list down their branches numbers or locations…hardly a proper website…..


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  1. Hi, xcarpatia,

    Maybe you’ve got a different problem. In my opinion your eyes do not cooperate. This needs another approach;
    prism glasses.
    If your optometrist or ophthalmologist is willing to cooperate with me I might be able to help you.

    • Hello Hugo, thanks for visiting my blog.
      The issue with england optical is not mine but one of my blog visitor’s (Ms Azuwa). I shall reserve my comments on this issue in the next post, which should be coming soon.

  2. England Optical no use.. serve customers with long faces. At least for SS2 branch

  3. Yeah, their website is annoying when i first clicked on to it.

    As well, a few years ago, the SS2 branch charge high prices for contact lenses. Now, i dunno because of course I quit buying from them a long time ago.

  4. To Whom It May Concern:

    I would like to make a compliant letter regarding an employee who had served me.

    The details I visited the shop as following:

    Date: 08/09/2009

    Branch: Lot C21, Permas Jaya Jusco Shopping Centre, JB.

    Products Ordered: Contact lenses – BAUSCH AND LOMB –

    I went to pick up the products today (10/09/2009), the brand of the contact lenses was not the one that I have ordered. When I told the salegirl that it was not the brand, she had got a very bad attitude and kept denying. I was told by her that I was the one who had changed the brand, but in fact, I have no idea what she was talking about!

    It was not a great attitude a salegirl should have! Not to mention, two of those unknown-brand contact lenses are expired. I did not get the salegirl’s name but I did know she was long hair and with the glasses on.

    I hope that the manager or supervisor may concern this salegirl as a very bad image to the company!


    An Angry Customer

  5. i would like to make complaint whom shoukd i talk to


    • Try complaining it to the branch manager. see what is their response. Here is my advice : forward your complain to the branch manager and if they are not able to provide an answer, tell them its ok, give them 2-3 days to discuss internally before reverting back to you.

  6. 2nd time disappointment

    i had a bad experience someyears bac with england optical.. and recently, i thought, i just try them again, to a bigger disapointment..
    the first time around. the girl told me she cant prescribe me any lenses. conyacts that is..cos i am going blind. having the shock of my life i went for an eye check up..and i never, never step in to england optical again.
    till recently. i just wanted to do get a trial pair of lenses..on promotion.The sales personnel is not aware of it.. would not entertain more of my enquiries.. and told me this is how england optcal operates. Upon calling , cibavision, i was told that they are trained to made aware of such.
    with this , i rest my case,and i feel that england optical might as well rest in peace.

  7. I went to your branch in Jln Puchong on the 4/9/2010 to Purchase a set of contact lense.Upon checking there was no stock available, so I was told that I will get it on the 6 or 7th September 2010 and they would call me.I paid the full amount of RM 180.00 Reference No.007166.Frustratingly, no calls were made from England Optical!!!!!!!, so I called on the 7th September and was informed by the staff that it is still not ready as they have changed supplier and the other supplier were late in sending the stock.I was frustrated and told the staff that if its not ready by Wednesday, I want a full refund!She said ok..Wednesday came and I just kept quiet, no calls from England Optical.On Thursday, I went directly to the shop and was surprised it was closed when all the rest of the others shops were open!!I asked the staff from the neighbout shoe shop and was informed that England Optical is closed for Raya on the 16th September for 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Until this email was send, I tried calling to the outlet but the calls diverted to a fax machine!!Is this the kind of services England Optical want to provide to the customers?????I definitely want a REFUND!!!!!!!

    • The full address of the shop in Puchong is No.44A, Jln TK 1/11A, Bt 71/2, Jln.Puchong, 58200 KL.

      I hope to get a reply by today or I shall bring this matters to the authority.This is cheating!!!

      • Hello Brian
        Sorry to hear about your case. This blog is in no way affliated nor does it belong to england optical. as a consumer, i advise you to get your refund and take your business to some place else! i am sure there are tons of better shops that provide better customer service than england optical.

  8. I’m having the same problem as Brian. Same brach. Closed till today (24th September 2010) . Thanks to Xcarpathia for providing us this blog to voice out our dissatisfaction of customer service.

  9. Dear Miss/Mr. Marketing Dept.
    Dear Marketing Manager,
    I am from Yayasan Warisan Anak Selangor(YAWAS) .We have about 45,000 members and currently registering 2,000 new members monthly.Our members are those residing in Selangor .YAWAS is looking for possibility of obtaining mutual benefits for our members with England Optical.Look forward of seeing you to discuss this further.
    Roslee Mansor
    Manager ,Marketing Dept.

  10. I experienced the same issue with England Optic @MV.. never walk in anymore

  11. Forget about it, a lot of problem with this company, facing management and financial problem.
    Already colsed more than 80 outlets nationwide, only remain about 20 outlets mostly in KL and Selangor.I no longer walk in anymore.

  12. the so called dato of this once giant retail have gone into hiding and avoided all contacts from outside..do avoid this company at all costs…you will regret purchasing from them…totally useless…

  13. On 15/10/2014 around 8.45pm I went with my wife toto your outlet in Tesco Mutiara, Sungai Petani, Kedah and my wife have choose a frame brand name ESPRIT and confirm that your Sales Rep. said all together with glass amounting RM290.00 but after my wife went for eye test in the test room finish your others sales rep said the tagging and price was wrong and the amount increase to RM400.00, I didn’t’ know and my wife have paid via her Maybank Debit card..after finish I just saw to the receipt was RM400.00 amount have been swipe from the account. I don’t believe that your sales rap are cheating people like this. Please look into this matter seriously

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