England Optical Part 2


It was almost impossible to contact the HQ of england optical. all my emails to them bounced and even on their corporate website, the customer feedback + contact us link was dead.

So finally, i contacted Ms Azuwa and she gave me the contact number for the HQ. I called and ended up talking to the PR/Marketing Manager called Mr Krishnan. It was really weird….really. This Mr Krishnan was aware of this incident but DECLINE to confirm it and kept asking me instead to call his branch to sort out the issues!

Seeing how defensive he was about this incident, i asked him if i could at least have his email, official title so i can email him about my blog for him to view. He REFUSES to tell me both and kept telling me that he just joined the company for 1  month, so he cannot do anything!

WHAT THE FUCK?? IF i was the CEO of england optical, i would have fired his arse already!!

the correct way to response to situations like this is

1) Apologise to the customer, regardless of whose mistake it is (the customer is always right!)

2) Inform the customer that you need time to investigate, take down the details of the customer.

3) check with the branch on the issue and become the intermediate to solve the issue. (NOT ASK THE CUSTOMER TO SOLVE THE ISSUE WITH THE BRANCH!)

Anyways, i dont know about you guys but i will be veeeeeeeeery careful if i were to purchase anything from this company in the future.

Anyways, back to Miss Azuwa’s case – i believe she is asking for refund but the branch refuses to do so, instead they are offering her rebates to purchase new lenses. If i was in Miss Azuwa’s shoe, i would understand why she wanted a refund instead. would you want to purchase another pair of lens from the same shop that gave you the wrong prescriptions? Azuwa will bring this case to the consumer tribunal, so i wish her all the best!!


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  1. Although I don’t know who you are, I’m facing the similar problem with as Miss Azuwa. I was told I could collect my glasses on Sunday. Then they told me to collect them on Monday when I go on Sunday. Then when I go today, they tell me to go tomorrow. How unprofessional! That’ll be the last time I’m getting anything from England Optical. I type such a long complain letter and later got my email bounced back. England Optical sucks!

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