England Optical – end of the trilogy


Well, well, well. Someone pinged me today on Gmail and it was none other than ms azuwa! 

She told me that england optical finally gave in and REFUNDED RM300 to her!! Now this is indeed strange, considering how long it has been since the incident. i suppose ms azuwa’s unrelentless pushing sort of help. She did mentioned that perhaps earlier, England Optical didnt want to give the refund bcos they thought she was a student…. 😛  even though she was already married with one son!!! 

I am not sure if my blog indeed help ms azuwa’s case in any way as i have not been contacted by anyone from england optical but i sure hope everyone learn a valuable lesson here : THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! 


PS: You may find ms azuwa in facebook = go look for AZUWA AZIZ …she is gal with the hot chick picture…whether she add you guys or not..its not up to me la…..

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  1. Is there any england optical at Giant Batu Caves?

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