Malaysian Banks

I had wanted to write a post on the malaysian banking service levels for a long time.

I am sure a lot of you will comment on this post 😛

Since the malaysian govt and bank negara changed the opening hours (10.30am to 4pm)  and number of working days ( mon till friday) hoping the banks will improve productivity AND increase the automation to promote self service – i really wonder if anyone one of you actually felt any progress or improvements in the banks service levels? 

Case in point – i wanted to withdraw and deposit money through various banks during month end, just like every other salaryman in malaysia. After withdrawing cash, i needed to pay my maybank account – i went to Maybank Old Klang Road : 


horray! all the cash deposit machine is out of order!

horray! all the cash deposit machine is out of order!

and then i went to maybank taman desa : 


oh great! out of service! thanks maybank!

oh great! out of service! thanks maybank!

yeah, after this i pretty much gave up and i encounter this countless times with all the LOCAL BANKS regardless of location or state. I think everyone will agree with me on this : LOCAL BANKS do not have enough ATM/CDM machines!!! even MAYBANK- that has the most automated machines – it is always OUT OF SERVICE!!! FARK!!


Now – i never experienced this with OCBC,CITIBANK, UOB or HSBC. The machines are always plentiful and they always work! not to mention the banking hall is also always very well lit.Try and visit MAYBANK old klang road and UPTOWN and you will know what i mean . of course, the question is  = why cant local banks do the same ? 

Frankly, if you ask me, i think there are TOO MANY local banks.  


so what about you? have you ever face the same situation such as me ?


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