MAS (Part Deux)



Hello everyone! 

Sorry for the lack of new post…been really busy with work and i got a new baby to take care of ! 

MAS did reply back to my earlier post : (Click to read)

ScreenHunter_01 May. 17 14.56

So what did you think about their reply? it was not very apologetic wasnt it? Anyhow, they gave me 5000 miles points (which is really no big deal really!) so i wonder, what about those customers who are not a member of their loyalty club? what did they get? 

I wonder if any of you have had a bad experince with any airlines and if you did anything such as write in a formal complain or provide feedback at the counter? 

PS: It took MAS about 1 month to reply my email…so i guess its only proper that it takes me 1 month to post this story…


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  1. that’s horrible service. my pressure cooker going to burst soon and today i encounter the same bad service in an indian restaurant . i thought to peek into your site and the cockroach story is gross than anything. what happen to malaysian services . i felt shame especially the food bloggers are highlighting only the food taste but not the cleanliness and hygienic. I start to lose my cool now because trying to avoid bad karma or negative energy but couldn’t do any justice if i just ignore the facts like xcarpathia is experiencing now. Lately , read a lot on food blogs but every articles on food were coated with Candy sweets but nothing like what Xcarpathia did to expose the truth. Don’t worry brother, i try to keep up with u on this ..good job.

  2. hi, i can’t click on the reply attachment to enlarge.

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