OH ! SUSHI! (Midvalley)

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Oh yeah, this has gotta be the best japanese restaurant in midvalley.

Went there weeks back with friends and colleagues- ordered tons of food and halfway through our meal, we ran into this :


no, its not ebi!

no, its not ebi!


yes, its a cockroach...

yes, its a cockroach...

Yup, this cockroach just ran right up to our table and my friends (gals) just started screaming! i killed it, and asked for the manager. This lady, who is dressed differently from everyone else in the restaurant came and below was our conversation

Lady X : Yes sir? the manager is not in.

Me: Can you explain to me what is this? 

Lady X : Cockroach lor….

Me and my friends was stunned by her nonchalant reply…so i pressed on : 


Me: so what are you going to do about this? 

Lady X : Nothing i can do. 

Me: so you dont even bother to apologize or anything? 

Lady X : Nothing i can do sir. if you not happy, you can report to my manager .

Me : So you dont mind if i report this to the media?

Lady X :Go ahead. report lah. 

Yes. that was the EXACT conversation. all my friends was stunned by lady x’s reply to us. If this was a mamak next to the drain, i would understand but at an expensive japanese restaurant @ midvalley? we were all too baffled to continue our lunch and we decided to leave and thats was when the MANAGER came to visit us. He kept on apologizing about the cockroach but it was really the attitude of the staff that ruined our lunch. The manager kept insisting to give us a 20% discount but i declined. End of the day, we are not complaining just to get the paltry discount. 

So, if you guys are planning to have japanese food in midvalley, i suggest you visit sushi zanmai (gardens) or pasta zanmai(midvalley) instead!


ps: Yeah, if you google OH SUSHI midvalley, you can see quite a few people blogging about how the food and service quality has gone downhill over the years. so please avoid this place unless you wanna meet lady x and some nice cockroaches in your meal.


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  1. hat’s horrible service. my pressure cooker going to burst soon and today i encounter the same bad service in an indian restaurant . i thought to peek into your site and the cockroach story is gross than anything. what happen to malaysian services . i felt shame especially the food bloggers are highlighting only the food taste but not the cleanliness and hygienic. I start to lose my cool now because trying to avoid bad karma or negative energy but couldn’t do any justice if i just ignore the facts like xcarpathia is experiencing now. Lately , read a lot on food blogs but every articles on food were coated with Candy sweets but nothing like what Xcarpathia did to expose the truth. Don’t worry brother, i try to keep up with u on this ..good job.

  2. Same lor. Went there last Sat. Previously service was good – local Chinese. Now all waiter/waitresses r Filipinos/nas. Manager was a Chinese guy, tall and lanky. Service was superbly poor. When we asked for the bill, we had to ask for it 3x, still no bill. Straight away went to the cashier and saw the manager there, I told him – I asked for the bill 3x already, why is it so slow. His answer was WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? WE ARE UNDERSTAFFED!!!!

    • HMM….after my experience, somehow i am not surprised at your comment. Everyone should avoid OH SUSHI midvalley unless you love crude service.

  3. i wont visit to oh sushi at mid valley on the ground floor anymore due to damn poor service. noone going to respon for u when wanna take order..except u ask for few times.. then when i ask for the food why taking so long time to be serve,the chinese guy supervisor with red colour dyed hair say” have u ever eat fast food? we r not fast food restaurant” wat the fxxx is this kind of service?!

  4. One words to Oh sushi, SUCKS…..
    I dont surprise for all the comments posted. I cant see any good comment on this blog. Please do something,the boss there………Well,for my experienced, Oh sushi has a very sucks service. The waitress doesnt respect to the customer and dare to shouted back on the customer. I had experienced on this few days ago. What the fXXk was that? I never ever will walk in to that restaurant again and i wil spread this news to any of my frens. I hate this so much…..Wat the fuxx.??Hire all those unpolite Philipinos…….

    • heh. not surprised at all with your comment. thanks for visiting my blog and pls feel free to share your stories with me!

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