Off topic = Nanase Aikawa’s Reborn album review

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Hello gang

Off topic today= want to share with you whats on my playlist this month

Been listening heavily to Nanase Aikawa’s comeback album after a long 4 year hiatus ( yeah, i like jrock, so bite me). This is a totally new 180 degree change of direction for the queen of rock as the new album sound skews totally to techno/rock/pop realm. A lot of dedicated and loyal fans couldnt accept her new sound but to me, its just a coming of age for her. Hey, no one can sing the same old tune forever right ? 

To be fair, Nanase already released two concept albums prior to this, hinting at her coming of age and change of sound for her. The two concept albums, titled The Last Quarter and The First Quarter was very sentimental/jazzy and to me, it was an unbelievable new sound to explore. 


The Last Quarter

The First Quarter

The First Quarter



Yeah, so the initial fanboys reviews are bad but i do encourage you to check it out regardless. who knows, perhaps your playlist will grow from just the typical american/british pop/rock genre?

Fanboy Review 1 (Click to read)  

Fanbory Review 2 (Click to read) 

Yeah, i posted two bad reviews of an album i just recommended…i must be crazy, so…. make up your mind and decide yourself .


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