MAS Again? WTF?

“Good morning, ladies and gentleman, errrrrrrrrrrr…..we are facing a short delay over the skies of kuala lumpur……….er………..we will be ….er….. landing in about er………..20min times or so………”

Last sunday i took a flight on MAS from KL to HK. It was supposed to be a 9.15am flight and when i checked in, there was a flashing sign that says ” FLIGHT DELAYED”. As i entered the waiting lounge, i could see a few engineers working on the left engine. WOW! This is what you want to see when you are about to fly! so everyone waited for 1 hour and finally we were allowed to board.

Upon boarding, i realised that i was in an old A330 plane. No individual entertainment system on board!FUCK! Ok cool down. its only a 4 hour flight and i have my laptop with me. Plane started to taxi off the runway and we took off safely.

Then it started to get chilly, i asked the “air stewardess” for some pillows and a blanket. Guess what was her reply? “Sorry sir, we ran out of pillows and blanket”. FUCK. just great. plane delayed. no entertainment and i cant even get a warm and comfortable flight to HK.

I almost forgot about the whole incident until my colleague forwarded me this article below: (click to read)

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 06 09.27

What the fuck MAS? A box of chocs for the fuckin trouble in getting two flights delayed and no hotel until 2AM? This is just not how MH supposed to be!

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