EOE Online

ScreenHunter_12 Aug. 18 16.12

I stumbled upon this website by chance and it was a very good find indeed!

ScreenHunter_13 Aug. 18 16.12

I tried the service on sunday, using their software uploader and i managed to upload around 130 images. The upload process was slow as my BB connection sux.

I had some trouble using my HSBC card for the online card payment though, so luckily i had another alliance visa card.

after my transaction, i was informed that the pics will take 3 working days to deliver. To my surprise, i already got the pictures delivered to my office today! 48hours turnaround time plus they use SKYNET to deliver. Pretty good and convenient! Highly recommended.

Check out their website (click la…)

By the way, they are also running some promotion on their site. so now is the time to develop pictures at a cheap price and win some freebies!!

ScreenHunter_14 Aug. 18 16.18

Oh yeah, my only pet peeve about eoe website? each promotion banner you click will open up a new window. shit. i hate that!

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