Panasonic: redux

Yeah, finally someone woke up and fix the Viera ad campaign :

can u see the diff?

can u see the diff?

Still cant see it?

here you go…

ScreenHunter_26 Sep. 07 17.19

Yeah, the changes are very subtle but more noticeable and tells the customers better as to why they should buy a panasonic! hahah!

Looks like my blog actually influenced an advertising campaign! cool! looks like the agency/panasonic made the change for the better. good on ya!

PS: Did anyone of you noticed ? almost every manufacturer selling flat screen tvs in malaysia is using soccer as a theme….why not gaming? movies?hmmm…….


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  1. Hi, I took this photograph and this is the first time I’ve seen the final ad (I searched for “panasonic soccer malaysia”)! I’m in the U.S. so there’s no way I can get any copies of the ads. If there’s any way you would be able to send me any copies of the ad you see, I would be happy to pay you for the trouble. You can email me at


    • hello mate. are you from panasonic US? well, you can pretty much download the pictures of the ads on my blog unless you mean PHYSICAL copy of the ad? i didnt keep a copy but let me try and get it for you if i still can. drop me a note on

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