Advertising war! in malaysia!

Yeah, i have to say the P1 advertising campaigns are fresh. filled with sexual innuendos? hell yeah!The recently concluded CUT the wires campaign was aimed at wired broadband customers from streamyx. Of course, in malaysia, the lingo of “POTONG” or CUT refers to circumcision, which is mandatory to all muslim boys.


P1 salvo aimed squarely at TM Streamyx broadband (wired) customers...

Well, the campaign was really everywhere. TV, Billboard, magazines,blogs,fb, everything that P1 can stake their logo at! Roughly 3-4 weeks after the campaign, TM finally responded with a tongue in cheek ad, aimed at mocking not only P1 wimax service but also their CEO!

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 05 15.13

reaaaaaaaaaal cheeky TM....

Dont see the resemblance? well…i also so happen to have P1’s michael lai handsome picture here…s1483549953_848

oh yeah…not forgetting the recent controversy regarding their tv spot…if you havent seen it….here it is


So WTF is this post about you ask? well, firstly, for the longest time as i can remember, this is the first advertising campaign battle between ISP, poking directly at each other not only professionaly but also personaly.Secondly, in the midst of these two ISP battle to win consumers hard earned $$, where is CELCOM and MAXIS?

Part 2 : we examine the broadband and go to market strategies of Maxis,P1, Streamyx and Celcom. stay tuned.


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  1. If they only spend the same money on improving their services…

  2. Totally agreed. I almost wanna blog about it. P1 trying to monopolise in Networking Business by asking ppl/existing streamyx users to change to P1.
    Very old and selfish method.

    Malaysia needs variety of Competitors so that it benefit the consumer.

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