Malaysian broadband service is utter rubbish. discuss.

Feeding off my earlier post on broadband advertising by P1 and TM (streamyx), its now time to focus on Maxis . If i recalled correctly, maxis stop above the line campaigns for its wireless broadband campaign for sometime but it had to respond to the sudden surge of interest and popularity of P1 advertising campaign. Also, not forgetting that maxis is set to relist their stock, so….. you know the drill, make noise in the media, make your brand visible to everyone so they buy your stock!

This is Maxis’ current advertising campaign – something for everyone

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 06 15.06ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 06 15.08

I am curious, why do i need Maxis to tell me the profile of internet users? hmmm……whats the customer value proposition? Whats the difference between maxis broadband and others? whats the edge?  Does identifying with any of these profile will drive me to subscribe to the service? strange indeed… very ho hum, marketing 101 idea. im wondering who is the poor chap that signed off this campaign in maxis…..

Maxis also did a small above the line campaign, pushing their MUSIC EDITION broadband dongles.


I was scratching my balls when i saw this campaign. How does a broadband modem dongle dressed up with stickers is gonna get me to subscribe? stand a chance to meet local artistes? pffffft….who gives two shits about the local artists? seriously?(Picture credit from prasys blog)

Now lets compare maxis advertising campaign, creative and messaging to the customers -with a HK ISP called 1010

ScreenHunter_04 Nov. 06 15.48ScreenHunter_05 Nov. 06 15.48ScreenHunter_06 Nov. 06 15.48

See the difference? clear visual and messaging on speed (speeding ticket) + roaming (passport). The last image is not a full image of their campaign but its shows how a boxer is down on his knees (representing 1010’s competitiors) not being able to catch up with 1010’s new wireless broadband speed.


So lets take a step back and see the ISP market at a glance :

1) P1 – 80,000 subs (as of Sept 2009)

2) Maxis – 145,000 subs (As of Oct 2008).

3) Celcom – 270,000 (As of Mar 2009)

4) Streamyx -1.12Million ( As of May 26th, 2008)


If we re-examine maxis’ strategic marketing campaign since they launched the service, ( almost 3 years now), my guess is that maxis probably has 160k subs (taking into account high churn rate /people leaving the service).  so in 3 years and millions of advertising money spent, maxis only has 160k++ subs. P1 is now 1 year old and it already has 80K plus subs. Whats wrong with the picture here ?




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  1. P1 wimax is really sux lah, waste money only!

  2. All ISP providers in Malaysia are = rubbish. They all sucking our money by making fake advertisements.

  3. broadband services these days are getting and cheaper and faster too, very soon we would have an affordable Gigabit internet ‘

  4. Really? im using P14G and its been going very well for me. Which area are you at?

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