makes NO SENSE and NOT simple at all….

Few weeks back, my philips rice cooker went kaput . So what to do but to send it back to philips’ authorised service centre ( PJ). The kind receptionist told me that they will call me and inform me how much it will cost to repair it since it was out of warranty.

the top range rice cooker from philips. it cooks rice, soup and even bakes cake! im not kidding!

So how long is a reasonable time for a customer have to wait to know the cost of repair and the lead time? 2 days? 5 days? well, we are talking about a RICE cooker here…not a 42″ Full HD plasma with built in microwave to cook my popcorn….

I actually waited for 1 week until i started to call the service centre. The receptionist then informed me that the technician will call me back- and he did- 3 days later!!  but thats not the bad news:

the technician told me that it will cost RM 110 to fix the problem. RM110 …. and it only comes with 3 months warranty……..hmmmmm

for RM110, you can pretty much buy a new rice cooker!  Why, philips themselves have an even bigger capacity rice cooker (1.5L vs 1L of my broken model) at RM118!!  So what the heck? Will you actually spend RM110 to repair your old rice cooker with 3 months warranty or get a new one?

Hot off carrefoure catalogue...RM118 for philips 1.5L rice cooker...

As for myself, i will actually contact philips about this – i mean, its bad enough customers have to wait 1.5weeks to get an answer but not being able to even fix their problem at a reasonable price is just plain ridiculous…(did i mentioned that my old rice cooker costs more than RM200?)….


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  1. Yes that is quite true about using Phillips products. Same here the service is really bad, I recently bought a replacement pot on 18th May 2013 for my rice cooker and after payment done I waited for days to receive my pot. After complaining to R-Logic Sdn Bhd, Mr Saharudin, I receive no reply and call to answer why the delivery was delayed. (At least it is his job to follow up for me since I have already notify him through email and calls)

    Well, after tracking where my pot ended up in Kajang Citylink, all I know they told me they don’t have any driver coming to Cheras. Can you imagine that I could receive such answer from CityLink company. Gosh, gladly I didint engaged them for my company.

    Anyway, I am still waiting answers and reply from R-Logic which they owed me an explaination but sadly no one call me at all till today. Well, I will not consider to buy any products from Phillips anymore in the future because of poor service. I hope Phillips Malaysia will look into this seriously otherwise you will lose out to other brands.

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