Yes! I am a believer now!

Finally, things make sense again.

Yesterday i got a call from Philips reverting back to me on my earlier post and email to them. (It was also the shortest call i ever had with customer care! less than 1 min!)

Ms Viveka called to inform me that Philips will be absorbing some of the repair cost in response to my complaint of the RM110 it takes to fix my the rice cooker. The new cost? RM65, which is a much more reasonable amount. Of course, it would have been better if Philips repair it for free or offer free gifts for my trouble and to get some good publicity   if Philips offered a more discounts, alas, i just wanted to get this over and done with. I mean, my wife have been cooking rice the old fashion way for 3 weeks already while waiting for me to get a response from Philips!

After the call, Ms Viveka promptly sent me an email, to confirm the offer and confirmation from me…

OK, you probably wonder WHY i posted the whole email.

1) Look at the date my email was received – 28th Jan. It was routed to a few people. This helped me conclude that Philips DONT have a proper web CRM system in place to route customer complaints to the right depts and people.The email went straight to only a few individuals, which is probably set by the email server.

2) It probably took a few days longer for Eric Liong to forward to the right person due to Thaipusam and FT holidays : )

3)Took Philips customer care team 48hours to discuss internally (who handles the case, how to handle the case? who should absorb the cost? which costing centre? what if customer refuses?)  which i believe is acceptable. Its not a super fast 1 day solution but hey! im not complaining.

i have to say i am impressed by the way Philips handled my case. Kudos!


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  1. I Guess it depends on which continent you are living in and how lucky you are. For me as i am living in Malaysia, my case is still pending by Philips. It has been 1 months and i’ve only used my 32″ LED TV for 2 months (Seldom use as I work till late) then the Power Supply blew. The customer service personal was suppose to update me on their decision but it seems like the customer (me) have to call them every now and then to as for an update. I cant believe the decision being made is taking such a long time as if it was rocket science. Power Supply burns up means the QC was not done properly by Philips. It is so sad that once customer bought the item, Philips does not take good care of their customers. This is the last time i am buying a Philips.

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