Old Town White Coffee

I dont know about you guys but i need an insane amount of coffee everyday and for some reason, i really love old town white coffee (hazelnut is da bomb). I can safely admit that i am a oldtown white coffee addict and i buy their 3 in 1 packs every month for home and office consumption.

2 weeks back, one of the packs i bought at TESCO damansara had a problem….at the bottom of the package contains full of sugar or dirt…i dunno (see the pic below )

as a result..all the 3 in 1 sachet is covered in sticky dusty compound…

So i went to their website and emailed them about the issue. Within 4 days (business days lah) they finally emailed me back, asking for details such as

  • The place of the product was bought.
  • The expiry date printed at the bottom part of the outer bag.
  • How many remaining is left?
  • Please read to us the product barcode number.
  • Do you still keep the official receipt?
  • So after a couple of emails , they finally called me to arrange to pickup the faulty product to replace with a new one. during the call, old town employees were nice enough to explain to me why this product defect could have happened ( manufacturing fault due to high speed/heat of production in sealing the sachet). The next day after the call, they came to my house to pickup the faulty product and gave me a new one (yes, only one pack, not a big HAMPER basket…hehe)  but they did give me one free gift : an old town coffee MUG.

    as an avid consumer of white coffee….i guess this little experience probably wont deter me from consuming their products…i just hope there will be more home grown companies that really focuses on consumer complaints seriously such as old town white coffee. KUDOS!

    PS: the only thing i didnt understand was why they asked for the receipt. It was just pure coincidence that i kept the receipt that time…most of the time when i do groceries…i never keep the receipt at all!


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    1. The service is poor because most of the workers in the old town(sekyen 13) are unable to communicate with us(customer)in english nor in malay. Its as shame to see that in a such a high class dining place do have these kinds of problems.
      This has happened to me more than once.i have ordered for foods there mush be a dish left out and it wont be arriving on time.why is it that only some of the waiter/waiteress are repeating orders, isn’t it suppose all the waiter and waiteress shud repeat orders. when want to complaint that matter to the higher autority in there, there wont be a satisfyin ans frm that ‘someone’and in some cases, even that ‘someone’ also wont be able to communicate with us due to the reason tat they dun knw malay and their english is very poor.please do look into this matter seriously and im lookin forward to see changes in the old town during my next visit.

    2. your service crew and especially person in charge(jannis) need to be well trained.they are not attendind to the customer but keep on chit chat at the counter.my drinks was ordered at prepared but no one bothered to serve untill i have to call them.i’m waiting for my food for 20minutes but the serve it to another table,i call jannis and ask her where is my food and after checking around her feedback was sorry the food wrongly served to another table which just arrived 10 minutes ago.this is very bad service even your food taste execlent.the place i’m mentioning is at new world park (burmah road,penang.)i hope urgent action will be taken.

    3. what are the other services of this company

    4. yesterday i went to old town at seksyen 7, Shah alam.
      i ordered the famous asam laksa because it was my favorite. but when i taste the asam laksa it was tasteless! i think they mix it with some plain water because the gravy is not enough or sumthing. if the ingredient not enough just said so la.. dot ruined other people food. i was so frustrated. i know how the asam laksa should taste like because i have eat it like thousand times at other old town out lets.
      and the service there r sucks! i mean the waitress are lazy. and when i oderd icecream they said there n stock of ice cream today. that is sucks man!

    5. I will never go to any Oldtown White Coffee again….

    6. JUST NOW i go the jln kuala kedah,a/s old town but the service like a shit………

    7. This morning i went to old town @ tmn kinrara puchong, i have ordered 2 sets of the breakfast set, the drinks was served but i’m waiting for my food for 30 minutes but the serve it to another table,i call the waiter and ask him where is my food, but the waiter never bother at all, and i call the waiter and ask second time, i told him that if the food not ready then just cancel and the waiter say : “cancel, cancel la”, please do look into this matter seriously and feed back to me.

    8. I very angry for their service in Lukut, Negeri Sembilan. Their service are very slow and all the staff attitude are very rude.!!!!!! I was order 5 food and 2 drink but they let me wait about 20 mins, i ask the staff their attitude were so rude. !!!! THey said: ” tak boleh tunggu tak mau tunggu la~!!!”

      • that is very bad indeed.

      • this also happen to me today. i sat down and waiting for order, but i waited for 15 min n i went into the counter i saw the waiters are looking at newspaper and playing with handphone. when i call them they shown me an unhappy face. what is this service called???mpls give me a good answer…

    9. thrinnya silvakumar

      i am very disappointed with the service that your waitress give us back in selayang jaya branch. they do not know how to respect customers, i went there this morning, and waited for almost 20 minutes and even asked your waitress to give me a place and than she just ignored, is this how you people train your waitress,
      besides, when i ordered my food, i had to wait for 1 hour to get my food to my table. if you people cant train your waitress, please do not put her as a waitress. they are even looking down at indians. so are you telling me that indians come there and eat for free. why is indians being that bad to your place….
      i think your management has to train your workers to smile and respect your customers if not you will lose your customers tremendously……
      thank you.

    10. Pekerja di old town kurang ajar.. Ni di old town the spring kuching… Minta roti bertelur tapi ngan kulit diberi

    11. dear,

      i need your list price and need your stock for my shop in selayang area please help and give your feedback a.s.a.p

    12. Your toilet @ bandar Sunway very very very dirty , public toilet much better if to compare.

      Pls improve

    13. The service is poor because foreign workers in this old town outlet (Axis Atrium, Ampang) are unable to communicate with (customer) well in english nor in malay. Its ashame to see where such a high class dining place does have these kinds of problems/ services.
      This has happened to me during my few visit there. Apart from that the menu book was not given to every customer whom are there to look for foods advertise in menu before placing order. There was also no immediate attention when customer visiting the outlets. I would also like to comment on foods cooked in old town outlets nowadays were not as good as before where the taste were very bad either too salty & drinks extremely sweets even though the order slips printed less salty & less sweet/ sugar. Pricing on all foods/ drinks are getting too expensives & choices of foods are limited not much options. I think that they should come out with more new menu/ option in order to capture/ retain customers if you want to stay in the current competitive markets. Lastly, I hope you could look into the above matter very seriously if you want to be a pioneer restaurant in todays market. I do hope that there will be an immediate change/ improvement in all the old town outlets especially the one that is Axis Atrium, Ampang during my future visit. Thank you.

    14. I want complaint about old town sanitation, at Negeri Sembilan ,Kuala Lukut ,dataran segar old town.That was a lot of fry at inside shop . Is that is your collocation design?
      and I dissatisfaction with the service, your staff was so lazy.when I need the service ,I can’t find the staff . your staff is sit at back side use laptop online.I thought is costumer.
      I wan hear you feedback as soon , if not I’ll compliant to the board of health.
      I have evidence photo to prove that your company have a lot of fly.
      reply me to my email

      • kami memnag menghadapi masalah lalat di P.Dickson.bermacam usaha telah dilakukan.untok makluman pihak pengurusan oldtown telah membuat aduan kepada pihak MPPD bagi mengatasi masalah ini.

    15. 今天 2 SEPT 2011 ,我在蒲种bandar puteri branch 享用我的早餐{table 2}, 之后再take away 早餐1 ,由于我赶时间带小孩上学,我先到柜台付钱(总共RM23 ),之后在一旁等待,带着三个小孩的我等了足足超过十五分钟,你们的员工只给了我一包椰浆饭,我问她:我的巧克力奶呢? 只见他们很忙,却忘了我的存在,当我等得很不耐烦的时候,我还亲自去你们的厨房问我的那杯巧克力好了吗?但是厨房的人不明白我的要求,结果我选择离开,虽然我已经付了钱,但是我却没有得到那杯巧克力奶,我对你们很失望,你们人手不足,人潮太多时你们就显得手忙脚乱。

    16. oldtown white coffee have terrible customer service and employees, the other day i went to request an interview with the store manager for my school assignment, the lady said to me, ” why ask me, interview someone else lah”, then she gave me an angry look like asking me to go away and then try to ignore me. She humiliate me in front of the customers and other employees. So, i made an interview with Starbucks, Starbucks have excellent customer service as well as better quality beverage. I would recommend Starbucks to everyone.

      • This is really unfortunate, more so because oldtown is a malaysian home grown franchise.
        may i know which outlet is this ?

    17. saya adalah peminat setia old town white coffee kerana menu yang disediakan menepati citerasa saya.saya kerap ke outlet old town lukut untok menikmati sajian yang disediakan.saya suka ke oldtown lukut kerana suasana disana sangat menyenangkan disamping layanan yang memuaskan.ada masa keadaan agak ramai dengan pengunjung dan ketika itu service agak kelam kabut sedikit apa pun saya memahami situasi tersebut.Ada ketika sesetengah pelangan tidak sabar dan terus memarahi pekerja.kita perlu faham dalam situasi yang ramai sudah pasti meraka mengambil sedikit masa untok menghantar makanan kepada pelangan.pekerja di herdik kerana lambat,dlm perkara ini kita sebagai pelanggan mestilah ada tolak ansur.waktu yang sama pihak pengurusan oldtown lukut jugak mestilah memastikan khidmat pelanggan dapat diatasi demi keselesaan pelanggan.tq.

    18. 我对您们的 Suwnay Mentari 分行好不满意。
      1. 28/10/11 – 明早餐从 8am – 11am, 但我 8am 到达既然说 8.30am 才开店。
      2. 07/11/11 – 大概 10am, 我要了一套早餐 B006 , 茶要 CD04, 但居然说 NanYang O 没有货了。
      3. 29/11/11 – 11am, 我要点 BT06 和 BT05, 居然说面包还没到。 那我改 AF02 ,他说没有河粉要就改米粉。。 鸡丝河粉没河粉,好笑。 然后我点 2 碗 SN Sausage & Egg, 那 2 碗面简直可以说是 白开水 + 面,没味道连小孩也i不吃。

      我对他们的服务感到好失望。 谢谢

    19. i’m having b’1st at old town gunung rapat Ipoh, which this is 1 of the poineer shop of old town white coffee. which the nasi lemak order is lot of difference from the image from menu ” feel been cheated” a road sude nasi lemak place on the plate only. halh boil egg serve when all finished. when asking 4 bill, there make the collection only without bill, when i incess i only pay wit the receive, the waiters say “u pay me money i only give u receive” at the end they cum wit a customer check list slip throw at the table. every body pls support wit not going to Old Town Anymore

    20. 14 January 2012, I went to this top poorest service in Kuching-The spring, old town!!! I have been served with the captain name Tommy. Reached here was 8.40pm, my first order old town nasi lemak with sambal sotong & old town rendang chicken rice. After taken order, 10 minutes later I have been told that both meals mentioned was not available! Fine, re-order another two meals. Crarified with the staff that is that mee Siam with fried chicken is available, she said: “yes!”. In my heart saying: at least give them a chance to improve! But it was not!!! Dissatisfied n disappointed at last! We wish to cancel all the drinks that have order in the earlier but they said cannot!! I will never never step in this anymore! With the staff playing around just treat the work place as a playground!!! Not well trainned at all. That is not a good image to our Kuching!

    21. mohamed firdaus

      Dissatisfaction expressed to your outlet at LCCT Airport, KLIA. The inconvenient cashier counter and customer service should be highly taken concern. Us Malaysian can still tolerate with the unfriendly tone and service of yours. But just imagine how would it be like for the foreigners to experience the same situation like I had? The management should take responsibilities on staff supervising so that they will have the knowledge of doing better customer service. As a responsible malaysian, I have the right to voice out the pros and cons of your management. Not meant to be cruel, its a responsibilty to help you developing your service in better way. Salam 1 Malaysia.

    22. Dissatisfaction expressed to your outlet at LCCT Airport, KLIA. The inconvenient cashier counter and customer service should be highly taken concern. Us Malaysian can still tolerate with the unfriendly tone and service of yours. But just imagine how would it be like for the foreigners to experience the same situation like I had? The management should take responsibilities on staff supervising so that they will have the knowledge of doing better customer service. As a responsible malaysian, I have the right to voice out the pros and cons of your management. Not meant to be cruel, its a responsibilty to help you developing your service in better way. Salam 1 Malaysia.

    23. The standards and practice is deteriorating very rapidly!! Practically everything like cleanliness,
      service, food quality is getting worse… I have had many bad experience of late.. but today took the toll of all…
      Like usual, after dinner our family will drop by one to enjoy a drink and some web surfing.
      This time I saw the waiter standing barefoot on the stainless steel table where they prepare the breads… My goodness, the very same table where they will put the bread and apply kaya or butter!!!
      The management team at old town white coffee must have changed!!! I don’t think these people go down to the production floors… which means they don’t do surprise visits or quality control at all!!!
      Most or a lot of these outlets uses foreign workers… but there must be a standard set and maintained. This is also harmful to the Malaysia image!
      I have enclosed two pictures I have taken… which shows the worker standing on the food counter….
      I am sad and upset as a paying customer being serve with this standard of hygiene..maybe all these while… I definitely would be eating elsewhere!!!

      sorry! can’t seem to paste any photos here.

    24. Saya ingin mengadu beberapa perkara tentang perkhidmatan pelayan-pelayan Old Town White Coffee di The Springs, Kuching, Sarawak.

      Premis Old Town White Coffee bolehlah dikatakan adalah sebuah tempat yang bertaraf tinggi.
      Bagaimanapun, perkhidmatan pelayan yang diberikan di Old Town White Coffee di The Springs, Kuching, Sarawak sangat mengecewakan pihak pelanggan.

      1. makanan seperti kaya-butter toast disediakan tanpa menggunakan sarung tangan plastik…dalam masa penyediaan makanan, pelayan Old Town White Coffee di The Springs, bermain dengan telefon bimbit, mengelap tangan pada belakang seluar dan PALING TERUK ADALAH MENJILAT SAKI BAKI MAKANAN (KAYA) yang terlekat pada tapak tangan

      2. menyanyi-nyanyi dan bergurau senda dengan suara yang agak kuat, sehingga memberikan gambaran pelanggan memasuki kedai kopi jalanan di kampung

      3. pelayan asyik makan ais-krim kepunyaan Old Town White Coffee yang diletakkan dalam peti sejuk (bila-bila tiada kerja menghantar makanan atau menerima order)

      4. makanan yang telah di”order” sampai setelah 20minit, sedangkan order makanan kami hanyalah Kaya-Butter Toast dengan minuman sahaja (iaitu untuk set makanan & minuman Tea Time)

      5. pelayan Old Town White Coffee di The Springs tidak menggunakan tangga kecil atau apa benda lain untuk membantu mereka memanjat dan menyimpan barang di rak bahagian atas…pelayan terus memijak tempat menyediakan makanan roti dengan kasut mereka sekali

      Gambaran perkhidmatan pelayan di Old Town White Coffee di The Springs, Kuching, Sarawak sangat teruk!
      Saya pernah mengunjungi Old Town White Coffee di City Mall, 1Borneo dan kawasan berhampiran Karamunsing di Kota Kinabalu, Sabah…..layanan daripada pelayan, kebersihan premis & pelayan serta keadaan persekitaran bekerja pelayan yang beradap dan berdisiplin sangat memuaskan, di mana sangat selesa untuk pelanggan masuk dan menjamu makan dan minum di premis Old Town White Coffee yang menerima bayaran yang lebih tinggi daripada kedai kopi jalanan di kampung.

      Saya berharap pihak pengurusan Old Town White Coffee akan mengambil perhatian terhadap cara bekerja pelayan-pelayan Old Town White Coffee di The Springs, Kuching, Sarawak.


    25. I had been to many old town what I like to say no surprise of bad service, rude & tidak a pa attitude…recently 1st march 2012 at 9.28am. I was in Lcct Airport wanted to order breakfast. B4 ordering normally there is a small piece of paper to place your order. After complete I passed to the cashier by the name of Danzen. He never repeat the order, just asked me for rm40.++. I was shock I order 2 nasi lemak ayam goreng & 1 Nan yang kopi O. Then I ask him how much is the nasi lemak…that’s where he started to show his face & called me ‘Fu..k’ I heard it but I just ignore it… I don’t know did your staff go for simple manners class?? At the airport they are many foreigner are you going to let your staff call the cust. Fu..ker if the order was wrong…??

    26. siapa boleh bagi saya email add old town (untuk aduan tentang customer service yang teruk di cawangan)…sya agak marah ,pekerja yang di cawangan kuala selangor…memang kurang ajar , bila pelanggan panggil utk order makanan dia org cuma buat x nampak…servce memang teruk gila …staff semua memang macam ….ish………….marah betul !!!

    27. Im Audry from kepong baru..i want to complaint about oldtown white coffee at jaya jusco kepong.i went there around 4pm with 3 of my friends..i was very hungry at that time.i ordered a steam rice wth mushroom with a honey lemon while 3 of my friends already had their lunch..i understand that i need 2 wait for 20 minutes..but i waited for almost 50 minutes for my meal..then i called a waitress named “waty” 2 check my rice..i said if not ready i want cancel and order something else,,”waty said,tak boleh sabar balik lah”and then while she walking away she said”fuck lah engkau”!!so i request the oldtown management to sack this girl before i sue your company for keeping such a rude staff!

    28. Old Town at South City is having a bad service, the waiter have well serve the customer but not the manager. Today is my first time at there with my laptop and doing some my report. so I sit there from morning to afternoon with two orders. Thus not longer than, then manager start to told me something : ” you have been sit here from morning until now with two orders and we have many customers await for your table.” The table which could accomodate four people is use by me and my laptop. So i can guess from the manager ,,that he is tolding me to leave if I didn’t want to place another orders. >.< ..This is too bad for a manager to tell customer such things. I will not go back to that place again. Now I am using its free wifi from the outside and I will not stepped again into that Shop again.

      • Chan,
        to be frank, if you are gonna spend so much time at a particular place, you will have to order more than just twice. Restaurants are basically earning based on how fast they can service and get new customers. If you are in no way holding up other’s people business…then it is fine. BUT if you are taking up space when the restaurant is packed, that is a different matter.

    29. suhana hj saad

      I want to COMPLAIN about one of your staff cashier@Old White Coffee Jln Mamanda..18/4/12@8.50am i taken my breakfast set..my total bil is RM11.34 INC service charge..i give RM20.00 coz in my wallet only have RM10X2 &RM50X2..ur cashier staff name ENG only give my balance RM0.65. .I Say WHY only this my balance..she say i give RM12.00..I’M VERY UPSET about that..afteR this i never eat @old town white coffee jln mamanda coz of the cashier staff name ENG nit HONESTLY..

    30. I was very disappointed with old town white coffee service. I don’t know why the server do not attend customer and why the manager never care about this issue. Today i went taman sri gombak branch for my breakfast and I sit at outside (patio). There is no pencil on the table, not only mine but all the tables. When i try to call the food server, there is nobody at outside. Everyone stand inside and do nothing. I was waiting more than 20 minutes for the food server to get pencil. If I went mamak stall they can give 10 times better service than the old town white coffee and more faster than you. More over they do not ask for service charge but here I paid for service charge just for nothing. The Funny part here is there are lot of complaints given by customers but I don’t think the management takes serious on this issue. if this keep on happen you will lose your customers. Go and learn from the mamak stall to improvise the service.
      This is my check no. 01080……..if you have cctv go and watch to get know about your service

    31. My boyfriend and I have always been a loyal patronage of Old Town but we were utterly disappointed with the service rendered by the lousy staffs at the The Old Town cafe at Kenanga. It was barely 9pm and we were refused the order of Ginger Chicken as we were informed that the kitchen ran out of rice,and then it was too late and ee couldn’t

    32. i went to new Old Town in Muar …. how can they close the entrance door said there is full …. and bad services expecially the ladies boss no manners … need to wait until 1 hrs only the food come … even the bread also out of order … and toilet out of services ….

    33. Saya sangat suka makan di Old Town , kerana kopi putih di situ sangat sedap dan harganya juga tidak mahal.Saya sentiasa bersama keluarga saya pergi ke situ untuk makan sarapan . Saya berharap Old Town boleh menjual lebih banyak jenis makanan .

    34. Actually i like to go old town so much to enjoy for a cup of hazelnut coffee. Recently on 5th of April 2012 at about 3.30pm me and my family went to 1 of the old town branch in Pahang. Normally in old town i won’t order for a cold drinks but on that day weather was very hot, I did order a glass of soya cendol freeze drinks. When i want to end my bill, at the time was busy time with a lot of customer so i just went to the cashier counter to make a payment. I meet 1 of the cashier with rude and no manners Ms. Yana. When i doing a payment i just ask her about the soya drinks coz in the menu they did have 2 type of soya drinks, so i asked about the drinks, why was so different taste (coz i can’t feel soya taste and like the staff in the kitchen forget to add in sugar) is they sent wrong order to me? She was answer with so rude way and reply me that this is not a mamak cendol drinks, so the drinks will be different with what you order in mamak stall. I’m sure that i’m asking with very politely way, coz i’m working in hospitality industry i know customer service is very important for the guest – first impression, even thought when we wanted to order also waiting at about 15 minutes. I can be wait for it coz i know that is a busy time for people to enjoy their Hi-tea. Staff in old town should be send for training – rude and no manners.

    35. If you have many of these case just share with us to let all people know~https://www.facebook.com/stupidoldtownwhitecoffee

    36. Jasmine Piong

      Oldtown at Taipan service is sucks!!! The sucks waiter name called ‘Robin Raz’ Myammar staff..

    37. Old Town Bayan Baru, off Jln. Mahsuri has the worst service especially those arrogant foreign workers. This morning, as i entered at about 710am, the one at the door stared and stared at me. I sat down, no pencil. Iopened the menu, waved to the same waiter, he came over, put a pencil on the table and as i said, can i have…., he just walked away.This arrogant attitude was repeated to 2 other customers. Another one came for my order. The coffee arrived. My toast was left at the counter, the bell rung three times, the same arrogant one did not bidge. After 20 minutes, the one at the counter brought my cold toast. Meanwhile those who wanted to pay also had to wait for this clown to appear.

      What i dont understand is what the management is doing about all these complaints about rude and couldnt care less foreign waiters. Are you waiting for one of us to initiate a boycott white coffee campaign before action is taken.i AWAIT A RESPONSE FROM YOU.

      My Name: Ranjit
      h/p: 0124623138


    38. Just now i went to old town at Sungai Petani Kedah with check#93744 order, we have ordered 5 set of food, the drinks was served but we waiting for our food more than 30 minutes but the serve it to another table,
      i asked waiter supervisor why food to serve need take more than 30minute and he just gave answered is too busy and leave.
      Am feel disappointed on this worst services and look like efficiency on old town worker have problem.
      I will not go to any state old town anymore moving forward because am feel very bad.

    39. I’m one of your regular customer who often patronized your outlet near the Kl Sentral. Do you know that ever since you guys extended 24 hours operation, the service has been extremely slow . Simple as that, you DO NOT HAVE THE MANPOWERS TO HANDLE THIS. PLEASE DO SOMEThiNG BEFORE IS TOO LATE.
      Looking forward to come back after the improvement .
      BTW : Kudos to your partimer ployee

    40. Kudos to Uma Devi who is a regular part times waitress. She good , attentive , polite , greets and thanks customer all the tines. The nothing wrong with your kitchen staffs, they are working hard but talks loud and singing (maybe is their culture however still have to respect others) i hope my feedback is valuable to you.

    41. norfadzlinda bte abu samah

      i and family go eat at olds town white coffee at taman midah cheras …why when i ask bill the supervisor never show resit. ..him come just say amount how much then my husband asking him where resit then him bring manual resit. …? after 2 minute i see other costumer pay why have resit. .i ask him y no answer from supervisor. ..pls give me answer

    42. Hi,
      I’m here not trying to make a complaint but to let u know , I’m too disappointed . The service at FastEast plaza store is very slow , if there a lot of customer I can understand but there’s only afew of them and me.
      I’m there to have my breakfast at about 10.35am and got sever by a lady and took an order. I have order a kaya bread, 1 cup of white coffee and 2 soft boil egg.
      All e things have serve accept the eggs is not serve and yet I finish both coffee and kaya bread, the eggs still not serve..I was in the hurry,
      So I ask the lady twice, still. How can a soft boil eggs take so long to get done.. I just don’t understand why . It just not worth the price.
      I wonder what’s the people doing in the kitchen . Very disappointed.

    43. Frustration after frustrations…. when can White Coffee Franchise Outlets improve their service and their product?

      I guessed I’ve been too polite to have waited several month after my several unpleasent and frustrating encounter with the Old Town White Coffee in Sandakan, Sabah! I had enough frustration and its time for me to voice it out!

      1. Most of all I’m very dissapointed with the food – its totally out of my expectation! The fried chicken which came with its nasi lemak was too small – just one bite and its gone! Just image it was that small and I can just stuff the piece of chicken into my mouth (for the record i’m a lady)

      2. There was one occasion the potato in the curry was burnt and shrunked and the cucumber was rottten!

      3. The waiter was not paying attention to the customer’s need. Despite having called several time, the guy staff was busy concentrating watching soccer! OMG!!

      4.Today (10/10/2012 @ about 10.45 pm) one of the male staff who was handling the preparation of beverage was damn rude to us who sitted nearby the bevarage area. Just imagined that we were busy chatting away then suddenly this IDIOT went and hit the blander without covering it withthe silencer!! I Almost became DEFT due to this!!!!!! And my ears is hurting so badly due to this incident!!


      PLS PLS OLD TOWN …. How can this happen?

    44. Chop ng yew khee

      I am a regular customer at Teluk Intan branch,It’s seems that you air -cond always break down.It take such a long time for the service guy to come to attend at this problem.Another thing is there is no washroom in your outlet.Its so inconvenience for us to use McD washroom.

    45. The standards of old town white coffee has dropped so badly. The staffs in sri hartamas branch are crappy and they made us for half an hour before the food came. Worst of all, 3 workers were taking a break and playing their phone and ipad. Its an embarassment to open a shop like tis…

    46. service was bad bad bad……

    47. especially new outlet which is located at mahkota parade melaka. How come old town service become like this????? Please improve it………

    48. im regular customers oldtown white coffee the spring..and almost every day my friends and i having a chit chat in there.lately diz coming 2 and 3 day,we got confuse because of their business hour .last time we can sit there until almost 12 midnite(while waiting for the movie start),but now(yesterday)..at 10pm they already close.we really dissapointed..plus lots of food not available..(more worst they didn’t put any stickers)..and they only inform us after half an hour we waiting..(peanut butter).there is no “apologize from staff or management incharge”…worst,dissapointed..

    49. I want to complaint the services provided by old town at taman kinrara(Jln Puchong Mesra)your service is crew. All staff need to be well trained. All staff are black face and not polite. they are not attendind to the customer but keep on chit chat or even stand at the counter with for nothing. Customer paid and left but the staff still don’t want to clean the table until i call them to clean. After cleaned the table the waitress won’t take your order even saw the order form. she just do what had requested “clean the table”. To place an order i have to call them again. Once i had place the order, the drink was not served properly. i had order 3 drinks. not either one is full. all is about 70-80% full only. we pay what they want buy we cant get what we suppose to get. This is very bad service even your food taste or excellent. i hope urgent action will be taken.

    50. all of youz have berri bad engrish

    51. iera shah alam

      i go to old town shah alm sek 7.the eervice is very vrry very bad and soooooo lazy.the waitress did not service me but i myself go n give him my order.i very not satusfied…hope old town take action of them

    52. Everyday my colleague and I will have a cup of hot white coffee and food at the old town branch of Jalan Raja Laut, (CIMB Building) . But quality of the coffee is getting worst, when we inform the staff, they can only shake their head and telling us we are not the onily one complaining, Infact we were there today with a customer from Japan. It was quite embarassing when your guest asked why the coffee at old town is so bitter (not b’cos it is not sweet) and have a sour taste, (there is not coffee taste at all). We hope old town white coffee will improve and maintain their quality of food especially their coffee. .

    53. Services too bad~ order the food aledi need to wait 25min but my food give other person 1st and then say my order aledi finish call me change another 1~ WTF~ where is the place, that is old town in jusco kepong~

    54. Recently i went to oldtown white coffee outlet at summit usj, im realy pissed of with they service. Sumore its a supervisor who throw the receipts on our table. What a great manners.. I dont know how they been a supervisor position..

    55. Date: 11-04-2014
      I love to come here old town Sri rampai but now days is teruk sgttttttt ….. for your staff serve food takes 30min then wrg food is serve ok wait again. They only serve one item now I dono how long to wait for 2 item and other items…. Very poor services this happen many times I think if u guys unable to handle customers n services pls look for closing ur business .. I’m sorry to said that but it doesn’t worth for money I paid.

    56. 服务员没礼貌。很多苍蝇。at old town white coffe dataran segar PD

    57. Dear all,

      I’m from KL now based at Sungai Petani. I loved to dine at Old Town atleast 4 times in week when I was in KL. But I’m really frasturated and fade up with Old Town at beside Village Mall at Sungai Petani. Twice I went there and I came out with total dissatisfaction. The workers and the manager so do called are totally sucked. The 1st time I went 8pm the rice finished. Oh god. You all running the bussiness or hawker stall? 2nd time this morning I went they closed the store with a reason too many orders. I think you all don’t need a loyal customer like us anymore. Maybe you all too rich. FYI I won’t ever and ever dine in
      your store at SP anymore. I prefer the restaurant beside you Chennai after this. Don’t be so surprised if you loose all your customer if Papa Rich open in SP. I’ll inform all my friends about your lousy service at SP branch. Bravo for your all KL branches especially at Kepong. You should send all these SP branch jokers to KL. I’m really pissed off with your SP branch.

    58. Teluk Intan old town almost ever Air Cond Is not functioning . Don’t the serviceman do servicing on time? It has been awhile since the last service.Do we customer have to bear with this?Its damn hot!If the contract serviceman can’t come on time,pls engage the locals to do so!

    59. Jalan Kuching oldtown nice but sometime no enough staff to serve customer.no matter how many times I visit the outlet , same thing happens.hopefully the management can do something about it by hiring more staff,so that they can give us better service.

    60. Oldtown Nilai Avenue 9 service is as bad. Frankly oldtown should do some quality check. They dun open until 9 am. Called the manager named Shanthi many time and she just looked and walk away… So pissed… So happen I wanna walk around Avenue 9, else won’t even wanna step in.

    61. Service at old town in bangsar south was suck.!!i had to wait 1 hour to them served my meal..so irresponsibble.!!

    62. The service is poor because most of the workers in the old town Ampang Park Shopping Centre, Yesterday 13/6/13 I visit there about 1010 am, no staff come to attend us, En Hafiz (one of the staff) show a hand to ask us to wait, we wait until 15min still no one respone. During that time just have few customer. Its as shame to see that in a such a high class dining place do have these kinds of problems.

    63. Old Town White Coffee Subang Perdana Terbaik
      Service dorang pun lawa lambat sikit pun xpe asal puas hati
      all the best Subang perdana

    64. Canez Tzu Hou

      I am entering old town bayan baru (near sunshine square) is like entering people funeral ceremony….lost my appetite…. great things..all foregin worker…hahahhaa..wondering have some one pass away? They look so sad…and super lazy….I think only 2 or 3 of them working only…

    65. Mohd Nurain Bin Mohd Amin

      Just now i having drinks at old town setia tropika jb n witness a scene where the manager n staff fighting.. For me the staff kumar was a good staff with cust yet the manager seem dat cannot handle its own staff.. Hope the store manager can fix its because a good management where else dat the manager can kautim with its own staff..u can do better.. Just leave all ur temper aside.

    66. At the moment I’m in OldTown White Coffee Batu Gajah, Perak. I really dissapointed with the service they provide.. I receive my food after 45min. We count by finger the total number customer but yet the service is poor. Hope management will rectify the service of this outlet.

    67. Hai i was sitting there more than 30 minit I called ur staff to take order than only he said breakfast time finish ready buy the time was still 11.00 am than only he gave another menu to order but after that I won’t see any staff to take order I really disappoint n leave place . Old town white coffee at Tmn molek

    68. Hi Mr. / Mrs. . Good afternoon. Im now at queensbay mall oldtown . Here service really bad. Everytime im coming here must find place myself. The worker no arrange the place for sit. 2 person sit 6 person place. Im always go with my family must wait.

    69. lim sook ling

      Im stay at sri rampai…here the drinking is very dirty i order warm water got smell and sweet…. i is regular here but now service very bad…we need order the food very slow come…and we order the bread …the bread beside got black black colour like expired…today i want come drink coffee again….we ask the stuff open small table with me..the stuff very rude say cannot ask we go up sit…normal can sit…but the stuff is girl …we just only two ppl…no 6ppl or 8 ppl up table very big …and we also saw have table no open …the stuff can open for another ppl y cant open a small table with me??and the suff girl malay very rude….service very bad we everyday at here…y like that…??

    70. service very very bad at oldtown sg.wang plazza. I had been waiting 15min only serve my drinks.i order hot coffee but it comes with normal.i still waiting my roti bakar .its comes also cool roti bakar .I ask the waiter he say all like that.

      • If only i get 1 dollar for everytime i hear a complain on old town outlets, i will be rich. My advise to all of you is, if you dont like a brand and you dont see them striving to improve their franchises service quality, just go to other better cafes out there. Nothing hits a brand harder than seeing revenue number dropping.

    71. I’m a working and studying student. I’m doing my masters and teaching and working for a company. On 19/06/2014 at 9..00 pm 9.50pm at Bangsar LRT Old town white coffee. i ordered toasted bread and enriched chocolate which cost about RM 9.80. I was waiting for so long. I call the waiter. my next table came late and they received their food. Even my student also there. It is really insulting for me. The main purpose we study is to learn matter and as an educator i should be a good respond for my student. I leave the cafe without problem. I place the form i have filled on table and place the pepper bottle on it. Today i have share with all of you and with my student. I’m part time lecturer. Same cafe my teacher had her experience, my friends have their experience and its my turn now. Then had my dinner, at KL sentral. I have no heart to visit the cafe anymore. I hope the viewer can understand my feeling in based of humanity. I can feel how my friends and my teacher feel it.

    72. Old town di prima seri gombak macam pukimak!!! Terutama manager pompuan yg jaga time ramadhan..pihak old town sila ambil perhatian sblom perniagaan ini di boikot rakyat Malaysia..

    73. E-waste, Penang service is extremely annoying with no waiters to take orders or even request bill. It’s ridiculous!!!

    74. They have very poor service and lousy food. I will never go to any old town white coffee again!

    75. I and my family love having breakfast and dinner at old town cafe but the problem are the staff always closed in site section for those non smoker and let us sitting out site with all those smokers and this is not suitable for the children’s and all non smokers. Our government always said that we should look into our health so I hope the management old town will look into this matters. Tq

    76. This is my second time make the complaint . The same issue a lot of fly inside the restaurant , I don’t understand why this Sg Buloh TSB outlet still no improvement the cleanest of the restaurant .

    77. The staff (wan) just throw away my order into the rubbish bin after i have wait for at least 20 minutes another staff come for reorder, and i ask to meet with manager he just missing himself, is this the quality of your staff?

    78. In the puchong Jaya the old town lorry come to sent delivery. So the horn many many fuck weto eating. What do it. ..how. ..when the maners. ..fuck. ..

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