Dealing with customer complaints, the malaysian way?

Yeah, the picture isnt very clear but try squinting…it helps….. hehe

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  1. i want complaints old town auto city branch on 23-5-12 afternoon 2:15pm , the supervision name is Mr Cheong . the service very bad and no manners ,we pay the money already he still told ask no pay money . after check already we got pay . The supervision no say sorry for us . very bad !!!

  2. I come to this Alam Damai Cheras Old Town White Coffee (next to BRJ) very often to do some of my office work with a nice & beautiful cool ice coffee . However, there is this particular service staff from Bangladesh (i think), about 5 feet 6, quite old, dark skin and can speak little english always very rude, inattentive, never admit his mistakes and ignorance when ask for certain request. He even have the guts to shout & argue when question. I’ve seen too many unhappy customer come and go without making any effort to feedback but i choose not as i like this place. This place use to be very nice & cooling, quiet, good food & fast service with the locals supervising but now, it’s 100% foreigner with VERY BAD SERVICE. I sincerely hope someone from their management can really look into this matter as soon as possible, it’s tarnishing the name VERY BADLY. I can’t find any tel numbers i could call to make a complain as it’s definitely getting from bad to worse. Hopefully, someone is reading this message and taking action immediately. Customer service is critically important in this competitive industry in order to survive unless Old Town White Coffee is all about making profits only. Really BAD SERVICE.

  3. We went to oldtown queensbay mall penang.ordered food and waited for nearly 40mins..the food were not when i went to ask 1 of the worker,he said the food i ordered whats the point making us waiting for so long.can just tell us stupid and poor service but charging service charges2..should not go oldtown anym7ore.

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