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As more and more people buy hard disk as if they were consumables, it was a becoming increasingly difficult to manage and transfer large data pools between hard disks and PC/Notebooks- if you are one of those geeks like me , you should probably consider getting a hard disk dock. I have here a review of Toaster hard disk dock that takes both 2.5inch and 3.5inch hard disks

There really isnt much for me to tell you about this unit . All you need to do is , plug in your hard disk vertically into it  and you have an option of using either USB 2.0 connection or eSATA (which is my preferred method!) .  During my testing, the unit performed well without any errors on eSATA but on USB, i always get errors while transferring large files ( more than 800GB) which really annoys the shit out of me.

With hard disks retailing for less than RM200 for 1TB capacity (3.5inch), more and more people will buy hard disk by the bulk and hard disk docks will become more important. Get it now, it should retail for less than RM100 street price.





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  1. hi, i just bought a netbook where i cannot turn it on when i brought it back. i googled about the problem and it seems there are complaints regarding the same problem, so i no longer trust this product and i want to refund. i would to ask ur opinion regarding this. what should i do?

    • extremely hard to get a full refund based on one incident. i suggest you ask for a model swap – pay more for a better model

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