Ma xiswhat?

I was browsing through maxis’ website recently and i came through this interesting page ..

Hmnn…interesting….. noticed how the blackberry phone is wrapped in bubble wrap? how precious are our phones today…. it got me interested and then i wanted to see if my blackberry is supported under this new maxis mobile security… and guess what…

blackberry ...where ? its not on the list!

What the hell ? blackberry is not on the list?! then why do they use a blackberry phone on the banner?! dont the creative person designing this have half a brain to notice that?

What a rookie mistake …. obviously a lot of people dont know – BlackBerry phones is a CLOSED and PROPRIETARY operating system. Blackberry phones dont need antivirus and it also has its own security system where a user can just send a command to its phone to wipe and lock all the data on the phone.

ok la maxis….i give you free publicity : CLICK HERE


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