Not Celcom Again!

I received a sms from Celcom yesterday :

Due to Technical Issues, pymt by cr card fr 6-12/7/10 via online cust svc cannot be processed. Pls arrange pymt for continuous svc. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Due to this damn problem from Celcom, i have had my line BARRED 4 (FOUR) times just last week, despite my payment made on their online service/payment portal. During my heated and painful call with them last week, they keep insisting that me, their customer, was at fault for not making payment despite showing them PROOF (AND GUESS WHAT? I just logged into Celcom online service portal and they just REMOVED all the old payment logs from 6-12th July)

This is really unacceptable Celcom.

As a customer, i had to go through 4 painful calls to prove that i have made payment and now all you do is just send a sms telling me to pay up again. thats all. This has gotta be the worst way to deal with a issue.

Also, i cant find any information regarding this payment notice on their website or even online payment portal

i am going to complain on this matter and let you guys know the outcome. stay tune.


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