a truly you:nique campaign!

You may remember my earlier post about a mysterious campaign i saw ( if not, click here )

So finally they revealed the campaign! Turns out it was an Alliance Bank You:nique prepaid card campaign! Way to keep me guessing man….

What a cool and interesting campaign ! The earlier teaser campaign really got my head scratching and finally all i revealed. I guess the KICKER is that the campaign now became a contest also : send in any story of your most humiliating story (at your mom’s hand no less) and stand to win $$$ prizes. Very sweet idea.  This is also part acquisition and branding campaign : get leads from all entries as potential customers and at the same time build the branding and awareness among teens/tweens.

If you clicked on the banner, you will go to the microsite (click me) , which is also very nicely done.

The microsite is very interactive and it doesnt follow the conventional webpage layout….which is great. it also has the mandatory tweet/fb link button and entry forms for the contest.

(Not forgetting it is also an education campaign : still a lot of teens/parents do not know what a prepaid credit card is all about)

educational...very well dones

This is a very well thought out campaign. i like the teasers, the big reveal and the contest mechanics. very, very cool idea. One fault ? and only fault ? the campaign is in Bahasa Malaysia right? why is the microsite in english language…hmn…did i click the language button somewhere ?

Kudos to the alliance bank team/agency that thought this out. You guys are always known to NOT follow the conventional marketing paths and i hope more banks come up with creative campaigns such as this.

PS: I don’t work for alliance bank. so please don’t accuse me for self flattery 😛


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