7 year itch

i just saw this interesting leaflet at a kedai runcit today :

whats with the red sticker?

each and everyone one of the leaflet has a STICKER (yes! sticker!) that sticks over the leaflet. must be expensive to produce this…..basically once you remove the sticker…you will get this…

hey there…a nice tease show….you basically get to see and count the cans to enter the contest. Very very nice idea but i am just wondering –

1) why spend the extra $$$ on peeling the sticker gimmick ? there is no extra value to the campaign nor catch to the consumer

2) the sticker is really really hard to peel off. and when you actually managed to peel it off, you get all the residue or end up tearing up the whole leaflet, which is ALSO a contest form….damn (see pic below)

oh well, the campaign ended already anyway…so too late….


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