I just saw a very interesting story today (see pic below)

I believe a lot of people are ignorant about mobile spyware software : see below for my full story

Click here for the news link

In case you DIDNT know, there are TONS of mobile spyware software today in the market that tracks, records all your calls, sms  live ! Most of these software works on multiplatform and it is really hard to even detect on your phone once it is installed. one of the common one is called flexispy

now i dont condone the use of mobile spyware to record someone else’s conversation or calls because it is unethical. I  am not sure if MCMC have made it illegal yet in malaysia but they should!

So before you go public and sue a telco for 20million, please at least check your phone and see if it is tapped! One good case study – if your pc was infected with virus/spyware – do you sue your ISP ?? i dont think so right?


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