Top movies 2011

Yeah…im starting a 2011 top movies list! WTF you might ask…well, lets be frank…2010 movies were really a lame bunch…there were a lot of titles that knocked my socks off, so to get ready for 2011!!

Really high on my list is source code. sort of a memento style story line but with time travel.

Who can forget liam neeson’s great action film taken? well, he is back again and this time – the story is very very intriguing. a man wakes up 4 days later with amnesia only to find his identity stolen….

Great comedy and im sure all married men thought about this sooner or later….a one week pass to do anything a guy want without any consequences…damn hilarious….

Sucker Punch…oh my…the style and art direction of this movie is insane….i cant wait for this one to come out

Gr8 real life story ala the cave and the descent…..

to check out all these movies…go to HERE (Click here!)



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  1. Very good revision! Thanks for this!

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