Where’s the Beef man?


It sure got messy alright.

I went to Carl’s Jr Yesterday at Pavillion Shopping centre around 4pm/Tue. Ordered a mid size Chilli burger combo and the cashier gave me an order tag (# 68) . Proceeded to wash my hands and then tap is out of order. what the hell, i didnt expect these things to FAIL at Carls Jr! Ok, nevermind, i can wash my hands elsewhere after the meal!

Sat down, waited for my meal for 10(ten minutes). Food didnt arrive. Looked around the restaurant and its empty. Frustrated and HUNGRY, i showed one of the staff my order tag and asked them to check why its taking so long. The staff went into the kitchen, came out and asked me WHAT DID I ORDERED AND PLEASE SHOW HIM THE RECEIPT.

At this point, i was already like…WHAAAAAT? Turns out that they LOST MY ORDER. Ok, this got real interesting. How can a CARLS JR outlet, that is EMPTY and located at a high end mall like Pavillion LOSE A CUSTOMER’S ORDER?

I enquired about this to the Restaurant Manager and i just told him that i wanted a refund but i will pay for the soft drink since i already consumed it. The Manager was really SHOCKED to hear that my order was lost and apologized, insisted that i wait for my order to be cooked.  I explained to the manager that i already lost my appetite and i just want my refund and leave. Finally, he gave in and gave me my money back. He also offered me to have the burger and fries FOR FREE but i decline as that wasnt my intention. Nobody wants a free meal at the expense of someone else.

So i left Carls Jr, with my money refunded to me and a growling, hungry stomach.

Seriously though, i love Carls Jr. i really hate it when my favourite restaurant service level is inconsistent across their outlets. I never have the same problem at sunway or 1u so why at pavillion? i can understand if things like this happen at elsewhere but when it comes to Carls Jr, you just expect something more not only in terms of food but also service levels.

Well, i have just sent a comment email to the carls jr operators, so lets see how they respond.


PS: Yes, Carls Jr DO have those feedback forms at their outlets but i was already too upset to sit down for another 5 min to fill in the damn form after the whole MISSING ORDER episode.


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