24 hours after my email to both Pavilion and Carls Jr on the lost order incident (Wed,15th Dec 2010)  I was very surprised to receive a call from both of them today (Thu, 16th Dec 2010) .

At 9.30am this morning, the country manager of Carl’s Jr (Mr Alex) called me and apologized to me. He was very professional and he knew how to empathize with what i had gone through. He assured me that he will look into this personally (he was on his way to pavilion kl outlet! at that moment) and incidents such as this will not happen again. I was very surprised at how quickly Carl’s Jr responded to my email but to have the Country Manager to contact me personally was akin to getting a call from steve jobs himself lah).

Around 1 hour later, i received a call from Pavilion and it was none other than Marketing Director Ms Kung Sung Ai! I was shocked at first as usually, customer service calls and responses are done by mid/junior level managers.

She thanked me for providing feedback to Pavilion and this will certainly help them in improving the overall shopping experience for everyone. We had a long chat about marketing, meeting customers service levels expectations and also mystery shopping exercises – something i have a passion for!

After conversing with both country manager of Carl’s Jr and Marketing Director of Pavilion, it SERIOUSLY made me think:

1) Why aren’t more companies in malaysia (regardless of local, MNC,etc..etc) practice good customer that strives to respond to customer comments, complaints or queries within 48 or 72 hours. If Carl’s Jr & Pavilion respond in 24 HOURS with the limited manpower that they have in marketing, i am sure it can be done.

2) When you provide an avenue for customers to provide feedbacks, complaints or comments, it can only serve to benefit your business. There are still too many businesses in malaysia that do not have a proper feedback mechanism for customer and then only start to realise they are spending more money in acquiring customers, not retaining them.

3) Responding to customers : more often that not, i hear from my friends and colleagues that they are not happy with the replies and responses after providing feedback to companies/businesses. I have to agree with them somewhat as i too have experienced the same. Frontline folks do not have the proper training in how to handle customers (angry, screaming) and this is something often overlooked. Most MNCs do provide training in proper customer service handling but it also takes a certain EQ type of person to be able to manage customers, especially when they are not happy! that is IMHO.




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