Now this is the cafe that could. I have always loved to dine/meet friends and chill at Delicious because of the service, ambience and also food is always jussssst nice. (Just like ALEXIS)

So i was Delicious (Bangsar Village) last saturday to meet up my friend. After an hour, i had to rush off and i paid for the bill with my credit card. In my haste, i totally forgotten to sign or even take my credit card! It was only when i was upstairs at level 2 did i realised that the waiter from delicious was standing behind me! He practically ran after me and got me to sign for my bill AND to return my credit card. I was very impressed and also happy to see this level of dedication to customer service.


I cant recall how many time i have left something at a restaurant (especially my credit card!) and how many times i actually have to return to those establishment to actually retrieve them. The staff at Delicious pretty much showed me that this i NOT the case at their restaurant and we can only expect the finest and best service from them.

Bravo Delicious!

Too bad i forgot the chap’s name to recommend him to his bosses. Next time perhaps 🙂


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