The State of Customer Experience In Malaysia

Hello everyone!

I have a very interesting report to share with everyone, The State of Customer Experience In Malaysia : courtesy of Raydar Research Malaysia. This report is a result of Raydar Research’s survey into consumer insight on customer service in malaysia – the good , the bad and what to expect in the coming future.

The report did reveal a few interesting facts :

  • 53% respondents felt that companies in Malaysia did not provide a customer service level that met their expectations
  • Many companies do not have a a proper feedback channel for customers to provide feedback or complaints :
  • As a result – malaysian customers are seeking alternative channels such as youtube, social media and blogs/twitter to vent their anger
There are many more interesting insights from the report which you may download it here from Raydar Research website  ( If any of you cant download the file, please inform me – i can email you a copy)
What i do hope to see in the future is perhaps more indepth surveys into vertical industries such as F&B, Services – Telco, Banking, Astro, Merchants, Etc etc…that will be great!
Thank you Raydar Research for allowing me to publish and share the report to the malaysian public 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    I cant seem to download the file – keep download half way then disconnect. Not sure if its my streamyx pasal or mmg cannot download. My email is hack.kahc AT

  2. hi… can email the copy?. Thanks for ur help.

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