Old Town White Coffee 2.0

Little did i know that my previous post on Old Town White Coffee ( i love their hazelnut white coffee by the way!) would generate so comments instead about the quality of food, drinks, service and even retail outlet hygiene!Having said that, i do relate to the complaints i see on the previous post. The service level at Old Town really needs to improve in order to retain customers and to compete with their competitors such as PAPA RICH or even the dreaded STATION 1.

Now here are just some background to Old Town outlets :

  • Retail outlets: some are owned by Old Town and some are franchised out.
  • They have Quality Assurance folks that travel to different outlets every week to ensure the taste and quality of food is consistent ( yeah, its true!)
  • Outlets at airports are self service ( LCCT, KLIA)
  • It is listed on the main board on KLSE.

If you do have a complain, please do send directly to wecare@oldtown.com.my



PS: Me? i stop going to old town white coffee outlets for a looooong time but i still enjoy their 3 in 1 instant white coffee…which is awesome….




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  1. im very angry with the service at old town lukut. i sat down and waiting for order, but i waited for 15 min n i went into the counter i saw the waiters are looking at newspaper and playing with handphone. when i call them they shown me an unhappy face. and also old town terminal 2 seremban every time gives me a very very slow service… what is this service called??? pls give me a good answer “a.s.a.p”…

  2. The old town service super sux. The one i regulared is the old town in damansara Uptown. and I’ve stop going to Old town due to the poor service. Waited for 20-30 minutes with noone wanted to serve me.

    • Same thing happened to me at oldtown white coffee kompleks a setar. I had been sitting there for 20 minutes and no one came to take the order. I myself had to go to them at the counter and passed my order. After been waiting for 20 minutes, we still havent been served anything yet. [ tuna sandwich,a glass of pepsi and a cup of hazelnut white coffee]. I again called the waiter but he didn come. They were talking happily to each other,laughed,and did nothing. I asked again and yet it been served but without drinks. I waited for the drinks for another 20 minutes but still the same. We ate meals without drinks.I was so dissapointed with the bad service and went to the counter and made the payment. I have decided not to go there again..(oldtown white coffee kompleks alor setar,alor setar kedah.) soo bad service:-{

  3. Tengku Intan Nurliza Bt Tengku Imran

    Kepada sesiapa yg berkenaan……saya nk buat komplen ke jabatan kesihatan negeri kedah kerana kebersihan yg saya dapati dioutlet sungai petani tidak memuaskan…ini adalah kerana toilet utk pelanggan kotor dan tidak berfungsi dengan baik di restoran pihak tuan…sila ambil tindakan segera sebelum saya membuat laporan selanjutnya agar permis pihak tuan diambil tindakan menutup restoran!!!!!!

  4. I want to buy old town white milk tea where can i buy them in europa. I brought some of them back. Now i watn to buy more. i like it a lot. Can someone tell???

  5. Let get connect the old town bad service FB Now~https://www.facebook.com/stupidoldtownwhitecoffee

  6. Old Town White Coffee, i-City outlet. your staffs are bloody rude !!…Take note, your outlet suppose to open at 12.00 pm, which is stated at your door, Opening hours 12.00 pm – 12.00 am. I walked in at 12.10 pm yesterday 17 June 2013 and your staffs said, “we are opening at 1.00 pm”. I said, I just want to TAKE AWAY, and again your staffs said, we are opening at 1.00 pm. All your staffs are foreigners, cant even understand a word !!…Please do not talk about good service !!Bloody embarrassment !!..

  7. I have bought 8 pkts of hazelnut coffee at Jiant Sg. wang on 06.04.14.
    suppose i entltled to get a gift of 3 sackets of coffee for 2 packets ( means i can get 4 set )
    but the promoter not allow me to get at all. why ?

  8. Im very upset and dissapointed with the service given in your outlet at Bukit Raja Klang AEON shopping centre. Please provide the service according with your price charged . Please train your staff provide with good ethical customer service

  9. Only complaints displayed . What action taken ? At least shows it together with this post for customers affected to review it

    • That’s the problem. Old town white coffee don’t care. I’ve forwarded these complaints to them before

  10. today i come oldtown white coffee at gateway.the staff name zainab fighting supervisor.very laught voice and then no take care customer take order.

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