Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 Malaysia Launch

Samsung is launching the galaxy 10.1 in malaysia – saw the ad on the star online

Since i was in the market for an android tablet— i clicked on it to find out more…

sleek looking site i must say

Aafter looking through the site , i decided to buy online. Clicked on the buy now button (see screenshot above) and it took me here

Yeah. exactly. WTF right ? there is nothing wrong with the page but it was more of a problem that digital marketers don’t think of or choose to ignore today. Folks like us that access the internet at office, have social media sites such as facebook, linkedin, and even online email services blocked. I really implore digital planners and creative designers to STOP linking your campaigns to FACEBOOK please. FB is not the mother of all digital campaigns.

So if you think about all the potential customers that samsung is pissing off now are folks with high disposable income and with intention to purchase NOW, how many do you think they are VS those that will access the site from home and elsewhere? hmn…..

on another note….Celcom is planning a big nationwide launch for the galaxy tab,

Read more here (from


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